Old Golf Ball of the Day October 26, 2015

The Doug Ford sold by Sears, circa 1963.

Doug Ford Sears Tournament by Sears circa 1963

Doug Ford was born in West Haven, Connecticut on August 6, 1922. Ford turned professional in 1949 and won the first of his 19 PGA Tour victories  in 1952 at the Jacksonville Open.

PGA Tour wins (19)

  • 1952 Jacksonville Open
  • 1953 Virginia Beach Open
  • 1953 Labatt Open
  • 1953 Miami Open
  • 1954 Greater Greensboro Open
  • 1954 Fort Wayne Open
  • 1955 All American Open
  • 1955 Carling Golf Classic
  • 1955 PGA Championship
  • 1957 Los Angeles Open
  • 1957 Masters Tournament
  • 1957 Western Open
  • 1958 Pensacola Open Invitational
  • 1959 Canadian Open
  • 1960 500 Festival Open Invitation
  • 1961 500 Festival Open Invitation
  • 1962 Bing Crosby National Pro-Am
  • 1962 Eastern Open Invitational
  • 1963 Canadian Open


Golf Quote of the Day

You don’t hit anything on the backswing, so why rush it?

– Doug Ford


Take a Look at The Monsta Golf Ball

Monsta Golf, pronounced “Monstahhh!”

“Must be a Boston thing?”

The Monsta golf ball is a three piece ball designed for short game performance and affordability.  A progressive ND high-energy core maximizes the C.O.R. and improves ball flight consistency.  The mantle layer features a blended ionomer designed to promote a high initial velocity while continuing to keep the spin lower off of the tee. Monsta’s soft sticky cast urethane cover is designed to stop the ball on the green.

“$40+ for a Dozen golf balls is Nuts!!”

Back in 2013, the two founders of Monsta Golf, Dave and Ken, had the idea to produce a ““premium performance golf ball without the premium price.” Their direct- to- consumer sells keep the price down; thereby giving you the opportunity to play a top performing golf ball without the top price.

“Join the Revolution”

From the Tee:

Looking down at the Monsta ball on the tee, I can’t help but smile as I see its’ logo staring back. The Monsta golf ball from my 12deg driver produced a nice trajectory with a little better than average distance. Monsta Golf describes their ball as, “designed for mid to low handicap players” and in my experience, the ball flight is indeed affected by a slightly open or closed clubface.  Therefore, I would not recommend this ball to golfers who have trouble hitting straight golf shots.

The Monsta Golf Ball

From the Fairway:

The Monsta golf ball off of the short grass with a fairway wood is a nice place to be. When using the fairway woods and long hybrids the ball has a soft feel when hit and the balls trajectory is just perfect. Distance with the green eyed Monsta is very good, even without 110 mph swing speed.

The Approach Shot:

The Monsta ball was designed to “bite the green” and even with the mid-irons, it will. High shots land softly on the putting surface and hold fast.  With the Monsta, I have to club down on my approach shots because of the increase in distance this ball produces over the ball I regularly play.

The Wedges:

Short game is the big winner with these sticky little sphears “outta Boston.”  The super soft cast urethane cover of the Monsta golf ball grabs the clubface grooves and spins like a one eyed Tasmanian devil.

I was able to get back spin using a $25 sand wedge (I chose a cheap wedge to prove my point) from 60 yards out. This  just “don’t happen,” with any golf ball on the market.

The Putter:

Putting the Monsta golf ball is nice and smooth with a soft feel and true roll. The alignment marks are an added bonus, as they aid in lining up your putt.

The Bottom Line:

You don’t have to be a scratch Golfer to benefit from the Monsta Golf ball.

The Monsta golf ball played as well or better than any of the major golf ball manufactures’ tour balls.  In my test, using the Monsta golf ball significantly increased my yardage over the premium golf ball I regularly play. Surprisingly, I got a nice trajectory with straight ball flight on fairway woods and long hybrids.  Approach shots felt smooth with the super soft cast urethane cover. Overall, the ball’s performance around the green is phenomenal, without question one of the best I have tested.

Lastly, I feel compelled to mention the people behind Monsta Golf. When my first The Monsta Golf Ball (3)purchase arrived, there was a hand written note on the invoice thanking me for my business. You will never get that with a box of ProV1s. These guys are all over social media and are happy to interact with their customers. Do a search on Instagram for #Monstasighting and see why so many people are enjoying Monsta Golf.


Buy the Monsta Golf Ball Here!

Golf Ball Review The Monsta Golf Ball

The Monsta Golf Ball (2)

The Monsta Golf Ball (4)


Common Mistakes and the High Handicapper #5

Chipping from the Green Side Fringe

There are many different greenside shot types that depending on the lie, the Pin and Flagdistances to the hole, the height of the fringe, etcetera. Finding the proper club is the key to avoiding costly mistakes like blading the ball past the hole or landing short with no roll.

Think, “Keep it low”

When choosing a club to use from the greenside fringes do not make the mistake the golf ball guy Bag 2of trying a high lofted wedge. Rather, think about keeping the ball as low as possible. Start with the least lofted club in the bag the putter. Any time you can keep the ball on the ground, you have better control and much less chance of hitting a bad shot off of the back of the green. Jack Nicklaus has always used his putter from greenside when possible and Martin Kaymer used his putter from off of the green in his 2014 U.S. Open win at Pinehurst.

When the Fringe is High

Many golf courses keep the fringe high around the greens requiring the shot to go over rather than through the grass. The bump and run shot will get you over the obstacle and roll toward the hole with a minimum of air time. Club selection is critical so keep the loft low, try a 7 or 8 iron for the safest shot.

Like it’s a Putter

When hitting the bump and run grip the club, address the ball as if you are Like a Putterputting and keep the stroke compact. The ball will “bump” over the fringe and “run” to the hole. Learn this easy shot and you will never blade the ball past the hole again.

Before Each Round

At the practice green before your round of golf , hit a few of these different shots and you save strokes each and every time.


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Golf Tips 2


The Bridgestone e6 Golf Ball

What The Golf Ball Guy Thinks About the Bridgestone E6 Golf Ball

After years of playing the NXT from Titleist my game started to go sideways and by sideways I mean the big fat slice that had been exercised out of my golf game was back. With my pushing the fifty mark, I don’t have an extra ten years to improve. The hunt was on to find a golf ball that would help me keep it out of the forest but that doesn’t feel like a range ball from 1975.

As a golf fan many of my favorite players are on the Bridgestone Tour Team so the first place I turn to was the Bridgestone Golf website’s ball fitting app. After following the simple step-by-step instructions, the e6 was recommended and I gave it a try.

e6-sleeveToday the multi-layer golf balls are king and Bridgestone has taken the concept a little further with their “Soft gradational core,” “Anti-side spin inner layer”, and ” Softer Surlyn cover for improved feel.”

From the Tee

Looking at the e6 on a tee, with logo pointing along the target line give a little confidence as well as a visual aid at address. The e6 ball off the driver produced a nice trajectory. Feel was a bit harsher than the NXT but the ball flight kept me in the short grass, which more than made up for any feel issue.


From the Fairway

A long second shot from the fairway is often a chance to shine or slice it into the creek. When I hit the e6 with favorite stick, my beloved #5 fairway, the feel was soft and smooth with a ball flight that I would have picked any time.

The Approach Shot

I played my first approach shot, using the e6 ball, with my 7 iron and put it over the green but it went straight over. Hitting the e6 with an iron was like spankin’ a pat of butter, soft as could be.

The Wedges

The e6 feels as soft when hit with a 60 degree lob as it does with cavity back pitching wedge, landing soft with more back spin then any game improvement golf ball should be able to produce.


The Putter

Putting with the e6 and it’s soft cover and core is as smooth as any Surlyn covered golf ball I have ever used. The e6 logo, while as nice visual when driving, is pretty obtrusive but the alignment line on the side helps a great deal.

The Bottom Line

The e6 keeps the ball straight for a reasonable price.

Buy the e6 golf ball here!


(Dis­claimer: The prod­uct links are affil­i­ate links. TheGolfBallGuy receives a small com­mis­sion to help sup­port the site on pur­chases made through some the links.)

Bridgestone E6 Golf Ball Review

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Old Golf Ball of the Day October 13, 2015

Tommy Armour Worthington Cured Cover circa 1939

The Worthington Ball Company of Elyria, Ohio started making golf balls in 1904 and produced golf balls with Tommy Armour’s name on them until the late 1960’s.

The Silver Scot, as Tommy Armour is known, won 25 PGA Tour events including three majors, despite losing sight in one eye from a WWI mustard gas attack.

Tommy Armour Worthington Cured Cover circa 1939
Tommy Armour Worthington Cured Cover circa 1939.

Golf Quote of the Day October 13, 2015

“It is not solely the capacity to make great shots that makes champions, but the essential quality of making very few bad shots.”

– Tommy Armour

Common Mistakes and the High Handicapper #4

  1. Not Taking Enough Club

We all hate that feeling when we make our approach shot and flies nicely toward the green only to end up 10 yards shot.

Range Rock FITOne of the best ways to make a significant improvement in your game is to know how far you hit each club in your bag. Unfortunately using the rocks at your local driving range to find distance is a fruitless endeavor unless you are a tour pro using the same ball on the range as you do on the course.

The most accurate way, that I have found, to get distance for each club is on the golf course, using the same golf ball with every shot. Golf ball models have varying characteristics so using a different model of golf ball from round to round or hole to hole will make getting the numbers right somewhat difficult.

Dial in on your real yardage by simply hit your approach shot from the fairway Note Padand mark the results in a note pad. Use a GPS smartphone app, a GPS golf watch, or the yardage markers on the golf course to find the distance to the center of the green. Take the club you feel is right for the shot, make your swing, and note the findings in your notepad. Carry the note pad with you on every round keeping it up to date as play and your club selection will be more reliable, making golf more fun.


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Golf Tips 1


The Presidents Cup Friday Four-ball Pairings

Session 2 — Five Four-ball Matches — Tee Times U.S. Team International Team
9:35 a.m. local Fri. Jordan Spieth / Dustin Johnson Louis Oosthuizen / Branden Grace
 9:50 a.m. local Fri. Rickie Fowler / Jimmy Walker Danny Lee / Sangmoon Bae
10:05 a.m. local Fri. Phil Mickelson / Zach Johnson Adam Scott / Jason Day
10:20 a.m. local Fri. Bubba Watson / J.B. Holmes Marc Leishman / Steven Bowditch
10:35 a.m. local Fri. Bill Haas / Chris Kirk Charl Schwartzel / Thongchai Jaidee



Presidents Cup

The Jack Nicklaus Golf Club Korea

The 2015 Presidents Cup starts today at the Jack Nicklaus Golf Club Korea, in Songdo International Business District. The Songdo International Business District is a $35 billion, master-planned city development on the west coast of the Korean Peninsula.

The Songdo skyline seen from the Jack Nicklaus Golf Club Korea
Jack Nicklaus Golf Club Korea’s clubhouse named to Best Golf Clubhouse Architecture list
The Incheon Bridge is South Korea from the Jack Nicklaus Golf Club Korea.
Jack Nicklaus Golf Club Korea


The Nicklaus Blue Golf Ball from Nicklaus.com

Common Mistakes and the High Handicapper #3

Spending too Much Time over the Ball

Don’t you just it hate when you duff the first drive of the round? Just as bad is when you hit your approach shot fat after make the drive of your life.

Don’t Just Stand There

Dont Just Stand ThereSo many times high handicappers will stand over the ball far too long, allowing numerous swing thoughts enter their mind making it impossible for them to make clean golf stroke. The more time swing cues spend going through a golfer’s mind will tend to increase tension. Tension, particularly in the arms and shoulders, when at address can ruin the golf swing before it gets started.

Take Control of the Tension

Often times when a golfers rest the clubhead on the ground for a length of time, they freeze over the ball, which allows muscle tension to creep in. One simple way to keep loose while over the ball is to keep a little movement going with the clubhead just off the ground. Many professional golfers use the waggle to keep the tension at bay, give it a try the next time you feel things getting tight.

Learn from Better Players

Better Players BTake a moment to watch better players and note that most of them will spend more time standing behind the ball visualizing the shot the than they do at address. If you take a moment, stand behind the ball finding a target line, and picture the ball in flight to that target this will help keep you clam before addressing the ball.

At the Driving Range

The next time you are at the driving range tee up a ball and stand behind it. Find yourself a target to aim at then address the ball and hit it with little hesitation. Make sure swing with a smooth tempo and them repeat this with four or five golf balls. Make some notes on each shot and compare the results to the first drive of your last round of golf. Many high handicappers will quickly see a notable difference in the contact they make with the ball.

Golf is mental so don’t psych yourself out by standing over the golf ball for too long. Like John Daly says, “Grip it and Rip it.”

John Daly Pinnacle Power Core 84 Lumber 1

What part of your game needs help? Let me know and I’ll give you my two cents.


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The 2015 Presidents Cup Foursomes Matches


                    Match Schedule — Wednesday-Thursday
Session 1 — Tee Times U.S. Team International Team
10:05 p.m. ET Wed / 11:05 a.m. local Thur Bubba Watson / J.B. Holmes Adam Scott / Hideki Matsuyama
10:18 p.m. ET Wed / 11:18 a.m. local Thur Matt Kuchar / Patrick Reed Louis Oosthuizen / Branden Grace
10:31 p.m. ET Wed / 11:31 a.m. local Thur Rickie Fowler / Jimmy Walker Thongchai Jaidee / Anirban Lahiri
10:44 p.m. ET Wed /11:44 a.m. local Thur Phil Mickelson / Zach Johnson Jason Day / Steven Bowditch
10:57 p.m. ET Wed / 11:57 a.m. local Thur Jordan Spieth / Dustin Johnson Danny Lee / Marc Leishman