The Joys Non-conforming Golf Equipment

Most articles written about golf equipment that does not conform to USGA rules are called illegal giving the impression that anyone who uses it is criminal. Jail BirdieHowever, the weekend hacker who plays a ball that will stay in play to help him to enjoy playing golf is not an evil person to be damned by the golf gods, or the USGA.

Game Improvement

Most weekend golfers do not have a USGA handicap and never play events that mandate use of their rules. Range Rock FITNon-conforming, game improvement, equipment should be embraced by golf courses as it will aid in pace of play as well as help retain golfers who only want to enjoy a round of golf. The major golf equipment manufactures should add non USGA lines and the sky would be the limit. The stigma attached to non-conforming equipment will remain as long as it’s called “Illegal” and we only find it advertised in the back of golf magazines. The Polara golf ball is the perfect example of “Illegal” turned game improvement.

Have Fun Sir Hacks- a-Lot

Drivers that add 15 yards, a ball that will not slice to 90 degrees or a lob wedge with extra wide grooves can help the average golfer a great deal more than a box of the top tour ball ever will.* So get you some golf stuff that will make your next round of golf more fun. Because more fun why we play the game anyway. Right?



*Disclaimer: I do not advocate using non-conforming equipment to establish or maintain a USGA handicap. I do not advocate using non-conforming equipment in an event that requires conforming equipment. I do not advocate using non-conforming equipment to take money from your buddies. I do advocate having fun playing golf.


Yeti Golf, a First Look @YetiGolf

In 2010 long drive competitor, John Kelly started the Yeti Golf Company with the idea of supplying high quality affordable golf clubheads.

The Original Yeti driver head is available in 5.5, 7, 8, and 10.5 degree lofts.

Original Yeti Driver Head

The new Yeti Golf Albino Driver Head  offers loft options of 8.5 and 10 degree.

Albino Driver Head
Albino Driver Head

See our review of the Yeti Golf Albino driver coming soon.

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“Tested By Animals, Never Tested On Animals”



The Shot of the Day @JasonDufner

Jason Dufner makes a miraculous par save on No. 17 at the CareerBuilder Challenge.

Jason wins for the second time in a playoff with David Lingmerth at the CareerBuilder Challenge. Mr. Dufner saved a par on the island-green 17th hole, Alcatraz, after his tee shot landed in sand between rocks.


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The Mission Belt Company @MissionBeltCo

It’s not just a belt… It’s a MISSION BELT

A while back my wife and I were watching Shark Tank and the Mission Belt Company came on looking to make a deal. I listened as they explained how their belt worked, and I said to my wife, “They are going to get a deal with that belt,” and they did.

The Mission Belt’s easy to use latching system uses no holes, giving a clean look and making it the most versatile belt I have ever worn. The buckles and straps 3BAR_buckle_largecan be mixed and matched with other belts in the collection making it easy to create your very own custom combinations, and the belts can be shorted easily with a pair of scissors. Unlike traditional belts that only have holes every 1 inch, Mission Belts adjust every ¼ inch, making it easy to get a perfect fit.  Even if you drop or add a few pounds, the Mission Belt’s simple adjust system allows you to always find the most comfortable size.

Mission Belt

Side by Side

The Mission Belt appeared unique and not like just another run of the mill belt design. So when the opportunity came to try it, I jumped at the chance. I decided to do a side by side comparison with a designer belt that cost twice as much as the Mission belt. I have been wearing the Mission belt since September 2015 and I can say the buckle has never given me any trouble and the strap looks as good as new. Below is a side by side photo of the designer belt (the one with the stretched holes) and the Mission belt (the one with no holes). As you can see the $34.95 Mission belt is worth every penny.

Mission Belt Side by Side

A Belt on a Mission

Mission Belt Co. does not want their customers to just look good, they also want them to feel good. Mission Belt Co. takes great pride in their efforts to help people by donating a dollar from every belt sold to fight global hunger and poverty.

The Perfect Gift

We were so impressed with the style, quality, selection, and “The Mission” of Mission Belt Co. that for Christmas we purchased a box set for my father in-law and one for my brother in-law.  Now they are also enjoying a belt that fits perfect every day.

Mission Belt Box Set

Here’s what Mission Belt Co. says.

Features of the Mission Belt

NO HOLES No worries of stretched-out, ugly, embarrassing holes ever again.

PERFECT FIT Mission Belts adjust every 1/4″ unlike traditional belts that only have holes every 1”.

NO CRACKS The leather won’t crack. It’s made with a Crack Free Guarantee. And if you wear a Mission Belt you won’t show your crack. Say goodbye to accidental moons

ALWAYS FITS Even when you lose or gain a few pounds Mission Belts adjust with you for the most comfortable fit. So after that big holiday meal just loosen your belt a few clicks for quick and easy comfort. No more broadcasting your fluctuations. You’re a man and you fluctuate!

EASY ON EASY OFF The quality made release lever on a Mission Belt is intuitive and smooth, you’ll love the convenience for everyday use. Plus in those times like going through airport security or when you just need to make like a race horse, you’ll love our belts.

INTERCHANGEABLE Mix and Match buckles and leathers to make your own unique combinations. We offer 2 different widths of belts (35mm & 40mm) and to interchange the buckles and leathers they need to be the same width (35mm buckles won’t fit 40mm leathers).

FEEL GOOD Knowing that you are in the fight against global poverty and hunger, you won’t only look good, you’ll feel good. That’s hot!

YEAH…IT’S LEATHER Just like it says right on our belts, it’s made of leather.

AND IT LASTS FOREVER Not literally, we don’t think…

The Mission Belt Co Philosophy

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; show him how to catch fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”
Some people already know how to fish, they just can’t afford a net.


“It’s not just a belt… It’s a MISSION BELT”



-TheGolfBallGuy @GOLFstats

GOLFstats Inc. is a subscription-based golf statistics and information service created in 1996 by Sal Johnson. With extensive experience in golf media, analysis, and statistics Sal provides access to the largest golf results database available online.  The GOLFstats offers unique and proprietary set of searches, reports, and charts. The database includes tournament results for the PGA Tour, The Champions Tour, The European Men’s Tour, The U.S. LPGA, and the 4 men’s professional major championships.

Subscribers have access the same service preferred by golf researchers, fantasy players, historians, media, writers, journalists, reporters, handicappers, as well as, golf fans the world over. is updated daily to help keep users informed with accurate and concise reports.

Follow your favorite players across ALL TOURS, and all your favorite Tours and Tournaments, including The Masters, US Open, British Open, and PGA Championship, including the complete history and results of every event. provides golf results and statistics available only to subscribers, with leading reports and charts for tournaments round by round results. Player round by round results, player career and performance stats, by tournament and career results. All supplied in statistical, charts, and reports for quick reference.

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The Golden Bear over the Decades

In celebration of Jack Nicklaus’ 76th birthday, we will follow his lustrous career in golf balls. From the early 1960s Mr. Nicklaus’ name and “Golden Bear”, moniker has graced over 1500 different models of golf balls. Here are samples of those golf balls from each decade.

1960s Jack Nicklaus Champion by MacGregor circa 1963


1970s Jack Nicklaus Golden Bear MacGregor Brunswick

1970s Jack Nicklaus Golden Bear MacGregor Brunswick

1980s Jack Nicklaus Goden Bear by MacGregor circa 1983

1980s Jack Nicklaus Golden Bear by MacGregor circa 1983

1990s Jack Nicklaus Personal Maxfli HT 392-100

1990s Jack Nicklaus Personal Maxfli HT 392-100

2000s Jack Nicklaus Golden Bear Dual Ti

2000s Jack Nicklaus Golden Bear Dual Ti

2010s Jack Nicklaus Nicklaus Black by Nicklaus Golf circa 2014

2010s Jack Nicklaus Nicklaus Black by Nicklaus Golf circa 2014

Happy birthday Jack Nicklaus!



View more Jack Nicklaus signature golf balls at The Signature Golf Ball Collector’s Forum.

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Jordan Spieth’s “Big” Coca-Cola Deal

Just days after the world number 1 golfer Jordan Spieth’s remarkable win at the 2016 Hyundai Tournament of Champions in Kapalua, Hawaii, The Coca-Cola ® Coke 2Company announced Spieth as the newest brand ambassador of the brand’s sports marketing promotions. The new multi-year deal is will have Spieth in television advertising, digital, and social media, and more. “Golf fans can expect to see Spieth promote the company’s Dasani brand as well.”

“There is no question Jordan is a generational talent, even as his professional career is just getting started,” said Stuart Kronauge, senior vice president, Brand Marketing, Coca-Cola North America. “As a company, what we Coke 4admire most about Jordan is the way he has embraced being a role model. His actions, values, and character both on and off the course make him an ideal Coca-Cola brand ambassador.” The partnership with Spieth writes the next chapter in Coca-Cola’s deep history with golf, dating back to Bobby Jones. Jones appeared in Coca-Cola advertising in 1947.

The deal is speculated to be between $12 and $15 million over six years, and I’m sure they will get their money’s worth from the world wide phenom.