The Kick X Golf Tour-Z Golf Ball

Today’s golf world is very exciting with so many new golf ball companies giving players numerous alternatives to the “Big Few.” One such company is Kick X Golf, offering its Tour-Z Premium golf ball.

From Kick X Golf

The Longest Premium Ball in Golf

The Tour-Z golf ball is designed to do it all. Gain more distance on drives and Kick X Tour-Z ball 2experience precision control on approach shots, chip shots, and putting. The Tour-Z is built for optimal ball flight and maximum roll giving players the advantage under any conditions.

Metal Fuzion Core™ Technology – Gain More Distance On & Off the Tee

Power Enhancement Core Casing – Gain Amazing Accuracy & Spin Control

Proprietary Z-Aline System™ – Consistently Make More Putts

Tour Soft Engineered Cover – Experience Amazing Tour Soft Feel

Tour-Z Premium 3pc Construction

The Tour-Z™ will increase your shot distance and improve your play through its precision control. Advanced triple layered construction provides superior feel and the ultimate in scoring performance. Secondly, the Tour-Z’s main core is constructed using proprietary Metal Fuzion Core™ technology to provide maximum C.O.R. – delivering higher ball speeds for explosive distance.

Proprietary Z-Aline System

Designed for optimal aiming accuracy. The unique triple line design makes it The Kick X Golf Tour-Z Premium Golf Balleasier than ever to precisely line-up putts and the center dot helps to focus attention.

Conforms with USGA rules and regulations.

From TheGolfBallGuy

The Tee

Hitting the Tour-Z ball with the driver gives a solid feel, as expected from a golf Kick X Tour-Z ball 4ball in the “Premium” category. The length from the first tee was noticeably longer than my average drive. The ball trajectory from the tee produced a higher ball flight that helped with carry distance. As the round continued, the driver distance was consistency longer than with my usual ball. Accuracy from the tee was as good as I could have hope for with a straight ball flight.

From the Fairway

On long shots from the fairway, the Tour-Z feels soft leaving the club face and has a surprisingly high ball flight. The larger graphics can be a little distracting when addressing the ball, but do come in handy on the green.

The Approach Shot

The three piece Tour-Z golf ball’s “Tour Soft Engineered Cover” allows for good control and soft feel with mid-iron approach shots. The high ball flight produces a softer landing and the cover grips keeping the ball on the green. Again, the ball sailed straight on the target line making many of my approach shots joyful.

The Wedges

The Tour-Z produced more back spin from my wedges than the ball I usually play, stopping so nicely on the putting surface. The Kick X Tour-Z ball, aided by its “Tour Soft Engineered Cover,” preforms as nicely as most premium tour golf balls.

The Putter

The soft cover on the Tour-Z keeps feel off the putter face smooth allowing for Kick X Tour-Z ball 1nice feedback. Kick X Golf has given the Tour-Z golf a secret weapon, “Z-Aline System,” designed to help alignment. Most golf balls have the ubiquitous single text line as an alignment aid, the Tour-Z takes the idea to the next level. With the Z-Aline markings, there is no need to mark you ball with a Sharpie as the multiple lines on the Tour-Z are permanently imprinted on the ball. The Z-Aline System not only show when the ball is aimed at the target and but also shows when the ball is lined up square to the target line. This added alignment element is something other ball makers have missed. I personally found using the Z-Aline System in conjunction with the alignment markings on my putter to be very helpful in practice and on the course.

Bottom Line

In my test of the Kick X Golf Tour-Z golf ball, I found increased distance from the tee and the fairways. The 17th hole on the course I tested the Tour-Z golf ball is a long par five with an uphill approach to an elevated green, a hole that I’ve played half a dozen times without making par. When I played this hole testing the Tour-Z, I made par.

The “Z-Aline System” was indeed helpful when lining up putts both long and short.

The price for the Kick X Tour-Z golf ball is in line with tour premium golf balls with a list price of $59.95. I did find the Tour-Z listed on for $38.20 and free shipping for Amazon Prime members.

Kick X Tour-Z ball 3
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Photos from Kick X Golf

Take a Big Slice Out of Your Game

Help with Your Game from a High Handicapper!

So many high handicappers tend to slice the golf off the tee and on long shots from the fairway. A slice of the golf ball is when the ball flight turns to the players dominate hand. This is caused by the side spin of the golf ball, generated by the clubs open face at impact. I have found the best way to “fix” a slice is to get help from a professional golf instructor they are able to fix in one lesson for most players. However, if you want the quick and easy fix try these.

The Quick Fix

Players with a moderate slice can simply aim to the left (aim right for left-handedkiKRjedij players) of the target line and swing away. Now you a power fade in place of that nasty slice, very cool. Another option is to address the ball with your normal set-up then slide the right foot (lift for left-handed players) about 6 inches and swing away.

The bigger the slice the more help you are going to need. Many drivers have hosel adjustments to open or close the club face, These can be helpful for a tree knocking slicer, but you have to get a new driver just get a new ball.

Check out the game improvement golf balls listed below to find the right golf ball for your game.

Moderate Slice

Buy the e6 golf ball here!


Tree Knocking Slice

Polara Ultimate Straight Self Correcting 2 Piece Golf Balls (Non-conforming)


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