A Review of ProAdvanced ProReturn X2 Hitting Net

ProAdvanced Sports asked us to do a review of their ProReturn X2 model pop-up hitting net. They shipped us a sample that arrived well packaged in the smart looking retail packaging with the net and accompanying parts neatly folded up in a branded carrying case with shoulder strap.

The package weighing around 10 pounds is a clue to the quality of the enclosed driving net. The carrying case holds the net in its folded state and has an interior pocket for the stakes and cord that will keep the net in place during transport and storage.


The initial set-up is fairly simply required the removal of a few ties and placing the stakes in the proper position as needed. The first time using the net is a little awkward to set it upright alone but I was able to get done in less than 30 minutes from opening the box to placing the my driving mat in front of the ProReturn X2.

The instruction diagram shows step by step how to unfold and fold up the net, but do take a little reviewing to understand.


The netting used in the construction of the ProReturn X2 is appears to be high quality should hold up well over time. The spring steel frame is made of a higher gage martial than a number of other pop-up style driving nets that I have used. Pro Advance does not recommend leaving the ProReturn X2 net outside, but this is not an issue as it is very easily set up and taken down.


With the ProReturn X2, set-up and my driving mat about 3.5 feet in front full iron shots and drives stopped quickly. I have not had any balls make it past the netting making me comfortable practicing without worrying about crashing the house next door a stray golf ball.

The ProReturn X2 is also effective when using a launch monitor to track swing data.

The instructions recommend using the ProReturn X2 on a hard surface in order for the ball return feature to function properly.  I have been using the net on tight cut Bermuda grass in my back yard and find the ball return puts the spent golf balls just in front of the net, from there I can easily pick them up.

The Price

The price at the time of this posting is on Amazom.com $106.36 with free shipping, is better than most comparable driving nets on the market.

The Bottom Line

Practice is the only way to improve your golf game, when you don’t have the time to visit the driving range daily having a hitting net at home will allow you to get in some golfing reps in, in a faction of the time a trip to the range takes. After have used the ProAdvanced ProReturn X2 Hitting Net for a few weeks, I can confidentially recommend it to golfers of all skill levels.

Here at TheGolfBallGuy.com we are happy to have the opportunity to test the ProReturn 2X from ProAdvanced Sports, a company we had not previously been familiar with.



  • Material: Sturdy Polyester Netting & Spring Steel Frame
  • Closed Dimensions: 36 x 30 x 3 inches
  • Open Dimensions: 9′ x 6′
  • Weight: 10 pounds



The ProReturn X2 Hitting Net used for this review was supplied to TheGolfBallGuy by ProAdvanced Golf in exchange for a review of their product.