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Who is The Golf Ball Guy?

Kevin Smith, a weekend golfer and family man from Southeast Texas, who just loves golf and all things golf. A one-time professional golf club fitter/maker, I consider myself an average amateur club maker/repairman. For the past 25 years I have been a golf collector and my collection of over 1000 signature golf balls and golf ball related memorabilia is where the nick name comes from.

I also study the game’s vast history, the people, the places, and of course it’s equipment. At The Golf Ball Guy, we will help you play better golf and introduce you to golf’s past, present, and future.

After playing golf for close to thirty years, after reading dozens of golf books, after studying countless hours of golf instruction video, and after spending thousands of dollars on golf equipment I feel like kind of a know it all in the ways of the high handicap golfer.

I would to pass along a few I have learned on to fellow average golfers. If a golf coach from Boca Raton likes the newest set of pro line blade irons, how does that help the 10+ handicapper? It doesn’t. Here you will find realistic equipment reviews that are done by a golfer from your perspective. We are testing golf equipment and posting reviews along with some helpful golf instruction articles that will help the average weekend player enjoy the game.


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