An Introduction to BJM Putting Grip and Putting System @bjmputtergrips

These guys seem to be on to something big in putting. See our review coming soon!

11 March, 2016
“The R&A has ruled that it does conform to the Rules of Golf.”


The new BJM putting grip is designed to allow the golfer to turn the palms of the hands up.

WHY: by turning both palms up we reduce the available mobility in the joints of the hands and arms

Photos by BJM Putter Grips.

WHAT: does this mean: this means there is less available mobility in the joints of the hands and arms, in 3 planes of motion, for the golfer to control during the putting movement – this means less variation – this means an increase in consistency – this equates to more holed putts simply because the putter face at the starting position to the putter face at impact position variation is reduced dramatically, result, more putts hit where the putter face was aimed at the starting position – equals – positive reaction to the ball roll outcome.  

HOW: because the available mobility of the hands and arms is dramatically reduced in the 3 planes of motion, this encourages the putter head motion to come from the upper half of the body, hence creating a consistent arc and stroke length for the putter head, now the mobility of the hands and arms is reduced then the face of the putter is more inclined to stay on the putter arc dramatically reducing face to aim and face to impact variation, increasing consistency not just in the putter face but in putting stroke also, this is good news for distance control.

Photos by BJM Putter Grips.

This putter grip and putting system, even though they are separate entities are very powerful once they are combined. Join many others that have made the switch to a better putting system, try our system and grip and lower your putts today

  • Reduces available mobility in hands and arms
  • Consistent putter arc and stroke length
  • Reduces face variation between the starting position and impact
  • Increases sweet spot contact point
  • Reduces involuntary, unwanted movement in the putter head
  • Help reduce and overcome physiological glitches (YIPS)

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Photos by BJM Putter Grips.