Press Release: Nikon Sport Optics @NikonUSA

Nikon Introduces the World’s First Vibration Reduction Golf Laser Rangefinders*


Melville, NY (October 6, 2016) – Nikon Sport Optics has officially announced the release of its revolutionary new products, the COOLSHOT 80i VR and COOLSHOT 80 VR Golf Laser Rangefinders.  Featuring Nikon’s optical VR (Vibration Reduction) Technology, the COOLSHOT 80i/80 VR are the world’s first laser rangefinders to compensate for the human body’s physical inability to be completely still.  COOLSHOT 80i/80 VR Laser Rangefinders enable golfers to literally “Become Unshakable.”

The COOLSHOT 80i/80 VR represent a major step in golfing technology by helping alleviate the effects that cold, wind, unbalanced position, physical exertion or just plain-old tournament pressure can have on a golfer.  Nikon’s optical VR technology reduces the effect of external vibrations caused by inadvertent hand movements while ranging distant objects.  For golfers, this means the target mark on the rangefinder remains stable, even when the body of the rangefinder is being moved.  Not only does this provide the user with a steady image, it also stabilizes the activated laser, allowing it to maintain greater alignment for enhanced measurement performance.

Employing Nikon’s optical VR (Vibration Reduction) system, vibrations of the image in the viewfinder caused by hand movement are reduced**, while simultaneously aligning the viewed image with the activated laser beam.  Because you can direct the laser onto the target faster and more easily, the ease of measurement to a small subject is greatly improved; all achieved by Nikon’s original technologies that are a fusion of VR technology and high-performance measurement function.

The optical VR Function begins immediately when the laser rangefinder is on, meaning there is no extra time spent trying to toggle between settings.  Holding down the ranging button allows the user to continuously scan for 8 seconds.  A fast measurement is received (in approximately half a second), regardless of the distance, thanks to Nikon’s HYPER READ technology.  COOLSHOT 80i/80 VR have an effective measurement range of 8-1000 yards and display measurements in .1-yard increments.

Both models feature Nikon’s new LOCKED ON Technology and employ the First Target priority mode.  These features give golfers confidence when measuring overlapping subjects such as a flagstick with trees in the background, to ascertain that when the LOCKED ON sign appears, golfers know that they are reading the distance of the target closer to them. 

“The new COOLSHOT 80 VR and 80i VR rangefinders are some of the most exciting new products of Nikon’s recent releases.  Not only does this make it easier for golfers to range the flagstick and other objects, we are able to offer them at a price point that doesn’t break the bank.  We strive to make practical advances in the golfing industry and this is just the beginning of some exciting new things golfers can expect from Nikon,” said Randy Garrison, Associate General Manager at Nikon Sport Optics. 

COOLSHOT 80i/80 VR Laser Rangefinders feature a quality 6x monocular for a bright, crisp sighting and boast an uncluttered display.  COOLSHOT 80i VR features Nikon’s ID (Incline/Decline) Technology to compensate for uphill or downhill slope  This feature can also be disabled to become USGA compliant for tournament use.

Not only do the COOLSHOT 80i/80 VR come in a compact and lightweight body, they are also rubber armored for a sure grip and waterproof for those unexpected wet conditions (battery chamber is rainproof). The manufacturer’s suggested retail price of the COOLSHOT 80i VR is $449.95 and the COOLSHOT 80 VR is $399.95.

* As of September 5, 2016, among dedicated golfing rangefinders that have already been released.  Researched by Nikon Vision.


** The effect of Vibration Reduction: Vibrations of the image in the viewfinder caused by hand movement are reduced by approx. 80% (1/5 or less without VR function based on Nikon’s measurement standards).

Nikon Inc. is the U.S. distributor of Nikon sports and recreational optics, world-renowned Nikon 35mm cameras, digital cameras, speedlights and accessories, Nikkor lenses and electronic imaging products.

For more information on Nikon’s full line of, Binoculars, Fieldscopes and Laser Rangefinders, please contact: Nikon Sport Optics, 1300 Walt Whitman Rd., Melville, NY 11747-3064, or call 1-800-645-6687.

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SelfieGOLF | SelfieSPINNER: The Best Gift for Golfers @SelfieGolfUSA ‏@kickstarter ‏

We love new golf stuff, so thanks to the folks at SelfieGOLF for bringing us the next big idea for your golf bag. The SelfieSPINNER a multi tool for golf.

Take a look at the awesome Kickstarter and get in on the fun. 

“A revolutionary way to film and record your golf swing | The first multi-functional fidget spinner divot tool for golfers.”

Press Release: FLAT CAT® Solution™ by Lamkin

FLAT CAT® Solution™ by Lamkin Users Share Success Stories after Switching to the Revolutionary New Weighted Putter Grip


SAN DIEGO, CA, May 17, 2017– Lamkin Corporation – the original manufacturer of premium golf grips – has received numerous positive testimonials from golfers who have switched over to the revolutionary FLAT CAT® Solution™ putter grip featuring the exclusive weighted cone technology.
“Since launching the FLAT CAT Solution in April, we have been receiving tremendous feedback from golfers experiencing immediate successes after using the new grip,” said Bob Lamkin, President and CEO of Lamkin. “From making more putts to lowering their scores and gaining confidence on the putting green, golfers using the FLAT CAT Solution have been eager to share their success stories. We are thrilled to hear that players are smoothing out their stroke, limiting 3-putts, and even eliminating the yips using this revolutionary new grip.”

Actual user success story highlights include:
  • “I used it one time, on Monday in a tournament. I shot the low round. Not 1 three-putt! The FLAT CAT Solution is the best thing I’ve ever done for my golf game.” ~ Jack Farley
  • “The biggest struggle I have, may be when I’m 4 or 5 feet away. That’s the hard putt. When I grasped the FLAT CAT Solution, I felt that I had more control in my hands than I did with my regular putter. My first 4 putts with the FLAT CAT Solution, they went in. What more can you ask for?” ~ Mickey Kronley
  • “This grip is really amazing! This just seems to work right out of the barrel. I think you’ll find that the weighting on this just makes your putting so much smoother and true without having to think so much about where the clubhead is going.” ~ Keith Junk
  • “I was just amazed. The FLAT CAT Solution just got me rolling right on line. It just had a much smoother feel, a much more comfortable feel. Less effort. I’ve taken lots of lessons through the years. I’ve had lots of club changes through the years. From a putting standpoint, this is the biggest advance I think I’ve seen.” ~ Steve Leggett
  • “I’ve been using the new FLAT CAT Solution grip on my putter for about a month now. This grip has had the most positive effect on my golf game than anything else I’ve ever done. I’ve all but eliminated 3-putts. The FLAT CAT Solution is the answer to my inconsistent putting. I couldn’t be more pleased.” ~ Cliff Romme
  • “The FLAT CAT Solution is smoother, it seems more well-balanced, and it seems like you don’t have to hit it as hard. It sends the ball with a softer stroke. It’s like a pendulum and because of the weight, it’s a lot smoother and effortless. I’ve never tried anything for my golf game that’s been as easy to use as this FLAT CAT Solution.” ~ Jeff Prochnick
The weighted stainless steel cone on the FLAT CAT Solution grip is optimally located beneath the hands to create a more stable, pendulum-like feel without adding weight to the putter head itself. Weighting the putter head can make it more difficult to consistently control distance. The unique position of the weighted cone on the Solution grip makes the putter head to feel heavier without sacrificing feel or distance control. This instantly creates a smoother, yip-free stroke.
The FLAT CAT Solution is designed with FLAT CAT’s patented FLAT 1™ grip technology that squares the hands and arms to the putter face to ensure a square face at impact. The design of the FLAT CAT Solution allows every golfer to establish a personal feel with the face of their putter no matter what their putting style – traditional, left-hand low, saw, claw and more.
“It’s really great that so many golfers are realizing the performance benefits of the FLAT CAT Solution after such a short time,” added Lamkin. “We encourage golfers to continue sharing their successes as they gain more confidence on the putting green, lower their scores and, most importantly, have more fun on the golf course!” 
In tests with SAM PuttLab, the world’s leading putting analysis system, the FLAT CAT Solution was the only option that visibly, significantly and dramatically smoothed and improved the putting stokes of golfers suffering from the “yips”.
The FLAT CAT technology was developed in consultation with PGA Professional Mike Heisterkamp and longtime Whistling Straits and Pinehurst professional caddy Charlie Spain. FLAT CAT GOLF is owned by Make’em All, LLC, a division of Winston Products LLC. For more information visit  
Lamkin offers a variety of performance-inspired grips including the Z5, UTx, Crossline, Wrap-Tech and R.E.L. ACE. The company’s trusted products are played by PGA Tour superstars Justin Rose, Brandt Snedeker and many others. Lamkin products are unrivaled in quality thanks to world-class engineering, premium materials and handcrafted, repeatable production techniques.
About Lamkin Grips
The Lamkin Corporation golf heritage dates back to 1925 when founder Elver B. Lamkin began manufacturing golf’s first leather grips. Today, the family-owned business delivers the industry’s widest assortment of performance-enhancing golf grips that continue to earn loyal customers worldwide. Through their ongoing dedication to unequaled product quality and service support, Lamkin Grips is passionately committed to connecting golfers to a more confident, consistent and enjoyable game. For more information about Lamkin, please visit
FLAT CAT is a registered trademark of Make ’em All, LLC used under license by Lamkin Corporation.

Review: Club Glove’s Premium Towel @ClubGloveUSA


The Club Glove Original Premium Microfiber Towel

The golf towel is one the most used and most underrated piece of golf equipment. Every golfer has at least one hanging from their bag and countless more in the garage. Tour caddies use a golf towel before and after every shot the pro hits, making the lowly golf towel used more than even the ball.

 The golf folks at Club Glove have given the golf towel its due with their original premium microfiber towels. The 17”x40” caddy towel big and thirsty enough to handle the 7/;00 a.m. dew as well as the 3:00 p.m. thunder shower. It was designed with an 8” long slit at the center that allows the user to easily hang the towel over a golf club for quick access.

With the long length I found it to be like two golf towels, one end for the club heads, the other for grips and hands. Club Glove’s waffled micro fiber towel also took the place of the three tournament towels I normally used to dry my clubs after cleaning them. The caddy towel dried all 14 clubs grips and heads with no trouble.

The Club Glove caddy towel comes with a free 8”x12” pocket version that is perfect for keeping your golf ball clean and dry. The waffle texture removes mud from the ball easily.

Club Glove offers these towels in 15 different colors, as well as personalization, letting you make a golf towel that is your very own. will be adding the Club Glove golf towel to our first annual “Best Father’s Day Gift List.”

The Bottom Line

The Club Glove Original Premium Microfiber Towel is by far the best golf towel I’ve ever used. At a price of $19.95 you will get your money’s worth out of the Club Glove Original Premium Microfiber golf towel.

Features of Club Glove’s The Club Glove Original Premium Microfiber Towel

Pro Tour-size 17″ x 40″ caddy towel features a large elongated center slit for fitting over club head

  • Free matching 8″ x 12″ “greenside” pocket towel
  • Waffle-textured towels are super absorbent
  • Holds 400% of its weight in water
  • Non-abrasive and virtually lint free
  • 8″ center slit easily fits over golf clubs in golf bag

“Demanded by Tour players and their caddies, these premium pro-tour size microfiber golf towels exceed professional Tour standards and outperform any other towel in golf. Includes free matching “greenside” pocket towel. These premium towels are gentle enough to be used to clean and polish glasses, plastic, chrome and other delicate surfaces without scratching. Hand or machine wash in cold water with mild detergent.”


The Garmin Approach S2 GPS Golf Watch

What the Golf Ball Guy Says About It

All this time I have been look for marked sprinkler heads, yardage makers, and sketching out notes to find my distance to the green, enter the Garmin Approach S2 GPS golf watch.

Garmin A2A number of the weekend golfers that I have talked to about using a GPS device say the high price out ways the benefit, unlike that new driver they buy every other year. These guys are happy checking the yardage makers and pacing off the distance to their ball. For me, I love the idea of using a satellite orbiting the earth to help me play better golf. “So you have a $400 driver and a $5 golf well I’m using a $2 million a day satellite” (insert laughter here).

More Than 39,000 International Courses with Free Course Updates

The Approach S2 comes with over 39,000 courses worldwide preloaded and includes free lifetime course updates that are added up to 4 times a year and are available via Garmin’s “CourseView” updater. I was in The Woodlands, Texas to for a round of golf with a good buddy and when I started the S2 it lite up like a Christmas tree with all of the course in that area. Spring Valley Golf Course, a nine hole in Spring, Texas, is the only course I have played that was not available but it isn’t on any app that I have used.

Yardage to the Front, Back, and Middle of Green

Golf GPS smartphone applications are a dime a dozen these days but the even the best of them have way to much going on to be helpful on the golf course, besides that my phone is for taking pictures and posting to Facebook so my friends will know I have a life. The Approach S2 has no need for an internet connection, it mg-02-lgdoesn’t send emails to your golf buddies it just simply gives you an accurate distance to the center, front edge, and back edge of the green. The Garmin Approach S2 has got be the easiest golf gadget to use all you have to pick the course you are playing from the list, step up on the first tee, look the large number on the display and there is the distance to the hole. With a high-sensitivity GPS receiver precise yardage to the green, to measure shot distances, a course odometer, layup distance, and dogleg distances. “Whether you’re on a course near home, a course at a holiday resort or the Old Course at St. Andrews, the S2 knows where you are and how far you have to go.”

Save Strokes and Pace of Play

Any time you know the distance to the green you will make a better club and shot selection because saving a few strokes per can change your whole outlook on life. The S2 GPS watch gives me the right yardage with just a quick glance at the large readout allowing time to visualize my shot without the hassle of using traditional out of date markers. Accurate distance leads to accurate shot selection, accurate club selection, and lower score. This thing not only saves me strokes but it save me golfing time, about 20 minutes per round even more on course that I never played before. How often do you find yourself looking at the score card, yardage markers, and sprinkler heads to find distances? I never have to spend my time finding yardages, just enjoying the next shot.

Digital Scorecard

The scorecard is a simple feature to help track you round. I prefer to use a score card and only use this function on occasion. Approach S2 helps you track of your score then download, store and print scorecards of your rounds. The included USB cable connects the Garmin S2 to a computer giving the user the option to chart your progress, or even brag to your friends.

The Price!

If you don’t already know, I am cheap when it comes to spending money on golf and the Garmin Approach S2 fits my pocket book perfectly with the MSRP at $179.99. This is from Garmin the company that perfected GPS for the consumer market for under $200.00, wow.

To Sum it Up

I found the Garmin Approach S2 to be a comfortable and stylish GPS golf watch that did not bother with me during my golf swing like a big watch tends to do. The unit is very light weight and stable during the day. The LED readout on the Garmin Approach S2 has large text I can even read it without my glasses. The S2 gets high marks for simplicity of use and the entry level price.


Buy the Garmin Approach S2 here!

What Garmin Says about the Approach S2 GPS Golf Watch

Approach S2 is a stylish and comfortable GPS golf watch with a high-sensitivity GPS receiver giving precise yardage to the front, back and middle of greens. The S2 has the ability to measure shot distances and a course odometer. It’s similar to our popular Approach S1 model, but the S2 takes it up a notch with layup and dogleg distances and a digital scorecard.

Courses with Free Course Updates

Approach S2 is preloaded with more than 39,000 courses from around the world. Whether you’re on a course near home, a course at a holiday resort or the Old Course at St. Andrews, the S2 knows where you are and how far you have to go. Every Approach S2 includes free lifetime course updates, without additional subscriptions. Updates are added up to 4 times a year and are available through CourseView Updater.

Lock In and Measure Yardages

The high-sensitivity GPS receiver gives you yardage to the front, middle and back of the green, plus layup and dogleg distances to improve usability over the entire hole. It also measures precise yardages for shots played from anywhere on the course. And for those who like to walk, there’s an odometer to track how far you’ve gone.

Digital Scorecard

Approach S2 easily keeps track of your score throughout your round. When you’re done, use the included USB cable to connect S2 to your computer to download, store and print your scorecards. Then, chart your progress, or brag to your friends.

Sleek Design

Approach S2 is flexible, lightweight, and comfortable enough for everyday wear. It’s rugged, durable and water resistant (to 10 m). A variety of colorful bands are available to customize the look. With automatic time and date, an alarm and rechargeable lithium-ion battery, you’ll never miss a tee time.




Buy the Garmin Approach S2 here!

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The official grip of The Golf Ball Guy.

The Forward Golf Club Grips @ForwardGolf

Forward Golf has taken the advantages of their oversized putter grips and developed a superior grip for the rest of your clubs. After using the Forward Golf putter grip we had faith that their club grips would be a must try, so we put them to the test.

About the Forward Grip

The Forward Golf grip has a chevron textured surface made of very tacky material that holds firmly to the hands.

Forward Golf Club Grips 2


One can’t help but feel confident when holding the Forward grip in hand as it all but sticks to you like gum on hat parking lot.

Forward Golf Club Grips 3

The Bottom Line

I believe the average golfer can benefit from the Forward Golf club grips and have made them the official grip of

Forward Golf Club Grips

What Forward Golf Says


Don’t let slippery grips stand in the way of shooting your personal best.

Play with confidence and style.


Crafted to the highest quality standards,

Forward Grips offer amazing durability

What Golfers Say About Forward Golf Club Grips

See reviews at

Eric – February 15, 2016:

I truly love your product!! It was very hard to give up on Golf Pride, but you have me now. Eric, Ohio

Mike – February 15, 2016:

The feel throughout the swing is incredible and the connection with the club is second to none. (Arizona)

Jen – March 28, 2016:

3 rounds this Easter & each under my handicap. Time to buy my hubby these grips. If you golf you have to get some. Awesome! (South Australia)

The official grip of The Golf Ball Guy.
The official grip of The Golf Ball Guy.

Kakadu Australia 100% Kangaroo Leather Golf Gloves @KakaduGolfGlove

“Renowned for their lightweight strength, KAKADU Australia 100% Kangaroo Leather Gloves offer comfort and that competitive grip advantage we all look for.”

Kakadu Australia Logo 

Kakadu Australia

Kakadu Australia has been making golf gloves for over 20 years gaining a word wide reputation for producing one of the thinnest, strongest, longest lasting golf gloves out there. The cross-grain construction of kangaroo leather (K-Leather) allows it to be cut thinner than cabretta or synthetic leather gloves.

The K-Leather, 100% kangaroo leather, has a much higher tensile strength making Kakadu Australia gloves lighter in weight and stronger without sacrificing grip or feel. Click here for more information on K-Leather.


Kakadu’s K-Leather golf glove is thinner that traditional cabretta leather with aids in feel on those delicate shot around the green. This glove allows more feedback than any other leather golf gloves that I have used and much more so than any synthetic gloves do.

Kakadu Australia White_Golf_Glove (9)


Grip is what it’s all about when choosing a golf glove, if you don’t trust your control of the golf club it will be a long day. The Kakadu glove, in dry conditions, grips the club as good or better as any leather or synthetic golf glove on the market. When the precipitation starts to fall and the other gloves get slippery the K-Leather keeps holding on as well as most rain gloves do.

Kakadu Australia White_Golf_Glove (2a)


For 54 holes, a few hours at the range, a few more hours chipping in the backyard, and counting. The Kakadu golf glove has held up extremely well even in the Southeast Texas heat and humidity.  Kakadu’s glove is showing very little sign of wear so I will continue to use it and report back later with results.

Kakadu Australia White_Golf_Glove (5)


Kakadu’s golf glove, at around $23, is priced in line with other premium golf gloves. With its durability and not needing to buy a separate wet weather glove, the Kakadu golf glove is a bargain in the “premium golf world.”

To Sum It Up

Kakadu Australia’s K-Leather golf glove is not another novelty golf gimmick it is the real thing. With that said it is pretty cool telling my golf buddies I’m using a kangaroo leather glove from Australia. The fit, feel, and durability are second to none when it comes to golf gloves. I would recommend this glove to golfers of all skill levels.

TheGolfBallGuy LOGO B


Here an update on Kakadu Australia’s K-Leather golf glove after 10 rounds of golf this glove is still going strong.

After 10 rounds of golf.



“When only the best will do, choose Kakadu Australia 100% kangaroo leather gloves.”

Kakadu Australia Logo

Kakadu Australia White_Golf_Glove

White Glove

Kakadu Australia Black_Golf_Glove

Black Glove


Kakadu Australia also offers very comfortable low cut sock with their cool kangaroo logo on the heel.

Kakadu Australia Logo

Daly Makes his Champions Tour Debut @PGA_JohnDaly

Driving through The Woodlands, Texas over the weekend I saw a billboard picturing John Daly in his signature follow through. The sign read “Long John” and advertised the Insperity Invitational played at The Woodlands Country Club Tournament Course.John Daly Swing

With Daly playing I have to go, it’s only a two hour drive from my house, and I started playing golf only a year before JD won his first major.

I’ve watch Daly’s ups and downs, as I too had my own, over the years cheering and sometimes jeering but always a fan of the “Lion.” John Daly and I where both born in 1966, we both had mullets in the early 1990s, and we both seem to get into a lot less trouble now a days then we did back when. I look forward to watching John Daly move into the next chapter in the pro golfer life, without having to deal with the “Exes with Rolexes” and win a few tournaments on the Champions Tour.

Champions Tour

The two-time major championship winner turns 50 on April 28, and will make his PGA TOUR Champions Tour debut at the Insperity Invitational in The Woodlands, Texas on the week of May 2-8, 2016. In addition to Insperity, Daly has committed to the Regions Tradition, the Principal Charity Classic, and the inaugural American Family Insurance Championship in June. TheGolfBallGuy will be watch Mr. Daly’s PGA TOUR Champions career just like always.

Loudmouth Golf and John Daly a Match Made in…


John Daly in the Loudmouth Golf Atom Smasher pants.

Friday, May 6 at the Insperity Invitational


“Wear Loudmouth apparel to the course on Friday to welcome John Daly to the PGA TOUR Champions. Be spotted by the Social Squad for the opportunity to attend a Meet & Greet with John following play.”

And yes I have bought myself a pair of the new Loudmouth Golf Atom Smasher shorts to wear on Friday, wish me luck.


Press Release via Loudmouth Golf

Foster City, CA (April 12, 2016) – Loudmouth Golf, the worldwide leader in bold and bright golf and sports fan apparel, has signed on to sponsor its first professional tournament, the Insperity Invitational presented by UnitedHealthcare, at The Woodlands Country Club Tournament Course in The Woodlands, Texas on May 2-8, 2016. The event will mark two-time major winner, and Loudmouth sponsored golfer, John Daly’s debut event on the PGA TOUR Champions.

Loudmouth Golf and the Insperity Invitational will be celebrating the debut with a number of initiatives. First, they will celebrate “Loudmouth Day” on Friday, May 6th where attendees will be encouraged to wear their Loudmouth Golf apparel along with staff and volunteers at the event.

Additionally, the first 1,000 attendees through the main gate on Friday, May 6th will receive a special John Daly bobblehead wearing new spring 2016 Loudmouth pattern, “Atom Smasher” courtesy of the Insperity Invitational presented by UnitedHealthcare and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. (Offer good while supply lasts). Loudmouth apparel will also be available for purchase at the Insperity Fan Experience.

“We are John Daly’s biggest fans and are thrilled to cheer him on in his inaugural PGA TOUR Champions event,” says Loudmouth Golf President and CEO, Dennis Green. “John has been the face of Loudmouth Golf for many years and has done an excellent job at showcasing our clothing to the golf world. We are proud to sponsor him and look forward to more exciting things to come in 2016.”

Loudmouth Golf has been an apparel sponsor for Daly since 2009, and has been outfitting the star in his famously colorful and notoriously wild patterned golf pants ever since.


For more information visit:

“Q&A with John Daly”

PGATOUR.COM How long have you been looking at playing on PGA TOUR Champions?

DALY: “I really started looking hard at it last year. And now I’m going to play as many events as I can. I want to see all the golf courses that we’re playing. It’s going to be a full-time schedule for me for most of this year. I’m still going to play the PGA Championship and the British. I’m still competitive and I still like going to Europe. They love having me and I love being there. The PGA TOUR Champions is going to give me that competitive edge that will help me keep on playing and have a schedule to know when I’m in and when I’m not in.”

PGATOUR.COM: How’s your game?

DALY: “It’s not good. I’m working on everything. My driving is really, really good. It’s just that my putting really isn’t where I want it to be. My wedges aren’t really dialed in right now. This has been a crazy seven years. Just not being able to play as much as I want to, not being able to get into many tournaments. You’re just kind of sitting back and feeling like I’m semi-retired. So I’m going to have really work my butt off to get it back. I’m going to go back for two weeks to Arkansas and I have my course there and I’ll work on it there and hopefully come out strong. It’s going to probably take me four, five or six events to get it going. Not playing tournament golf, no matter how much you practice, it’s just a different league when you get out there competitively. But I love The Woodlands. I had some great success there and hopefully I can feed off of that.”




Love him or not, Daly has had a “Hall of Fame” career.

John Daly in the majors:

Masters Tournament                      T3: 1993

U.S. Open                                          T27: 1996

The Open Championship Won: 1995

PGA Championship                          Won: 1991

John Daly has 20 worldwide wins to his name.

PGA Tour             5

European Tour   3

Asian Tour           1

Sunshine Tour     2 Tour   1

Other     10

PGA Tour Rookie of the Year        1991

PGA Tour Comeback Player of the Year    2004

“Golfer John Daly turned pro in 1987, and he earned his first pro victory soon after at the 1987 Missouri Open. He joined the PGA TOUR in 1991, and won the PGA Championship that same year.”

John Daly current official PGA TOUR headshot (Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** John Daly
John Daly current official PGA TOUR headshot (Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** John Daly

Insperity Invitational

The 2016 Insperity Invitational


The Forward Golf Putter Grip is More than an Oversized Grip @ForwardGolf

Oversized putter grips are biggest wave hitting the golf world and Forward Golf has taken the concept to the next level with their “Deep Rounded V Shape” putter grip design.

I installed The Forward grip on my old trusty standby putter to see just forward-golf-PUTTER-grips-1what advantages the oversized putter grip have to offer the average player. The most obvious thing I noticed about the Forward grip is that it isn’t just a big fat cylinder but formed to fit the hands and contoured to keep the hands and arms in line with the putter shaft.

The Install

After removing the grip from my old flat stick, I installed the new Forward putter grip as directed by the supplied information. Forward Golf suggests that you have a professional install the grip. The grip is a very tight fit on the putter shaft, so having been an armature club maker for 20 years, I also suggest using a golf club repair shop do the installation.

About the Forward Grip

The Forward Golf Putter grip has a chevron textured surface made of extremelyforward-golf-PUTTER-grips-2 tacky material that holds snugly to the hands. The “Deep Rounded V” feature of the grip fits well in the fingers as the club is gripped while increasing surface area contact.  The V shape works in conjunction with Forward Golf’s “Grip Forward Technology” and the taper making it almost impossible to break the wrist during the putting strike. On the practice green I had to force my wrist to break.

As with any equipment change there is always some learning curve and with the Forward grip I experienced a change my feel for distance, the advantages gained with the Forward  putter grip will be well worth the temporary inconvenience.

The Price

The Forward Golf grip has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $24.95, which is not out of line to most oversized putter grips. It is also a great deal less than buying a new putter.

The Bottom Line

I believe the average golfer can benefit from the Forward Golf advanced putter grip.

What Forward Golf Says

Grip Forward Technology

Revolutionizes the design of putter grips, placing more grip material above the shaft.  The unique shape places the hands in the ideal position, uniting the arms, hands and putter and creating a more balanced and consistent stroke.


Deep Rounded V Shape

Fits in the hands perfectly for reduced grip pressure and improved comfort resulting in better distance control.


Maximum Taper

Tapered grip design keeps trailing hand in line with putter shaft, helping make the arms and putter a single unit.


Quality and Durability

Crafted to the highest quality standards, Forward Grips offer amazing durability.


Superior Grip Texture

The unique pattern employs a raised chevron texture for unmatched traction and control. Experience amazing feel on all putts both long and short.


Advanced Shape

The unique shape places the hands in the ideal position, uniting the arms, hands and putter and creating a more balanced and consistent stroke.



We are proud to have Forward Golf as the official golf club grip of

The official grip of The Golf Ball Guy.
The official grip of The Golf Ball Guy.

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Forward Golf advanced putter grip review. #GolfGrips

The MawGrip Case @GolfGripCover

One of my favorite things in golf is the 7:00 a.m. tee time when the course isMaw Grip 7 silent, still, and covered with morning dew. That is until my putter grip gets cover with condensation and wet sand from laying it down at the first green. Well the MawGrip golf grip cover can help make that dew soaked golf course more fun by keep your grips clean and dry.

Good and Easy

Maw Grip 1The MawGrip is a golf club grip cover that simply slips onto the grip end of the golf clubs to protect them from being exposed to wet grass, sand, and even rain. The cover clips on the golf bag for easy access. Made from top quality materials and substantial stitching, the MawGrip case is will made and designed to last.  The cover is available in four colors, giving you options to match your bag for a professional look. Two sizes are offered, the MawGrip fits all of the clubs in your bag and the “Biggy” fit the popular oversized putter grip perfectly.

The Bottom Line

You won’t find an easier to use golf club grip cover on the market.  I believe the MawGrip case to be one of the most useful golf accessories that I have ever used. Give it a try for yourself.

Maw Grip 8

What MawGrip Says

Keep Your Grips Dry!!!!

This new product is a removable water resistant rain cover for your oversized putter grips

  • Thin Cell Neoprene
  • Bag Attachment Clasp
  • Attaches Quickly and Easily
  • Extends Life of the Grip
  • Easy to find if left behind
  • Better Golf Scores !!

Maw Grip 4

Maw Grip 5

Photos courtesy of MawGrip.