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We love new golf stuff, so thanks to the folks at SelfieGOLF for bringing us the next big idea for your golf bag. The SelfieSPINNER a multi tool for golf.

Take a look at the awesome Kickstarter and get in on the fun. 

“A revolutionary way to film and record your golf swing | The first multi-functional fidget spinner divot tool for golfers.”

Press Release: SwingLync® @SwingLync



SwingLync High-Tech Golf Training Technology Launches on Kickstarter


Wearable Swing Analysis Product Available for Pre-Order September 6

DES MOINES – SwingLync® wearable golf swing analysis technology launches on Kickstarter September 6. Starting at $179 for early backers, SwingLync is a first-of-its-kind wearable swing training technology that brings real-time body positioning analysis to everyday golfers through a customized mobile app.


Using three wireless sensors and a corresponding phone app, this high-tech swing analysis system teaches golfers exactly how to position their body for a powerful and consistent swing. Golfers see a detailed snapshot of their body positioning data during the swing and receive measurable feedback to achieve improved positioning.


“I have obsessed over the golf swing since I was a kid,” said Nick Mahowald, founder and creator of SwingLync. “After studying engineering, I realized that the key to an effective golf swing is proper body positioning. While attempting to improve my own swing, I was inspired to create an accessible technology for the everyday golfer to help them master the subtle changes that will have a major impact in their overall game.”


The easy to use technology includes three wireless sensors, each about the size of a matchbox, that fasten to the golfer’s waist, wrist and back. Data is collected during every swing and instantly sent to the app, reporting measurements at the four most important moments of the swing – setup, top, impact and finish. The feedback allows golfers to identify their biggest swing flaws and track their improvement over time with historical analysis features. SwingLync customizes target values based on each golfer’s 18-hole handicap, making it a powerful tool for all skill levels from beginners to scratch golfers.


“What attracts me to SwingLync is the ability to measure spine angle, hip and shoulder rotation,” said Warren Bailey, golf instructor at Island Lake Golf and Training Center. “I want to be able to show a student the point where they should stop their backswing because taking it back any further will compromise their accuracy, and power as well.”

SwingLync will be available September 6 for pre-order through Kickstarter. Pricing will start at $179 for the entire system and accessories, with limited quantities available. The suggested retail price after Kickstarter will be $299.


“Everyday golfers have struggled with their swing flaws for far too long,” said Mahowald. “Our team is on a mission to change that.”

Visit to learn more


About SwingLync

SwingLync is an effective and affordable swing training technology that teaches everyday golfers exactly how to properly position their body using cutting-edge wearable technology.


The Garmin Approach S2 GPS Golf Watch

What the Golf Ball Guy Says About It

All this time I have been look for marked sprinkler heads, yardage makers, and sketching out notes to find my distance to the green, enter the Garmin Approach S2 GPS golf watch.

Garmin A2A number of the weekend golfers that I have talked to about using a GPS device say the high price out ways the benefit, unlike that new driver they buy every other year. These guys are happy checking the yardage makers and pacing off the distance to their ball. For me, I love the idea of using a satellite orbiting the earth to help me play better golf. “So you have a $400 driver and a $5 golf well I’m using a $2 million a day satellite” (insert laughter here).

More Than 39,000 International Courses with Free Course Updates

The Approach S2 comes with over 39,000 courses worldwide preloaded and includes free lifetime course updates that are added up to 4 times a year and are available via Garmin’s “CourseView” updater. I was in The Woodlands, Texas to for a round of golf with a good buddy and when I started the S2 it lite up like a Christmas tree with all of the course in that area. Spring Valley Golf Course, a nine hole in Spring, Texas, is the only course I have played that was not available but it isn’t on any app that I have used.

Yardage to the Front, Back, and Middle of Green

Golf GPS smartphone applications are a dime a dozen these days but the even the best of them have way to much going on to be helpful on the golf course, besides that my phone is for taking pictures and posting to Facebook so my friends will know I have a life. The Approach S2 has no need for an internet connection, it mg-02-lgdoesn’t send emails to your golf buddies it just simply gives you an accurate distance to the center, front edge, and back edge of the green. The Garmin Approach S2 has got be the easiest golf gadget to use all you have to pick the course you are playing from the list, step up on the first tee, look the large number on the display and there is the distance to the hole. With a high-sensitivity GPS receiver precise yardage to the green, to measure shot distances, a course odometer, layup distance, and dogleg distances. “Whether you’re on a course near home, a course at a holiday resort or the Old Course at St. Andrews, the S2 knows where you are and how far you have to go.”

Save Strokes and Pace of Play

Any time you know the distance to the green you will make a better club and shot selection because saving a few strokes per can change your whole outlook on life. The S2 GPS watch gives me the right yardage with just a quick glance at the large readout allowing time to visualize my shot without the hassle of using traditional out of date markers. Accurate distance leads to accurate shot selection, accurate club selection, and lower score. This thing not only saves me strokes but it save me golfing time, about 20 minutes per round even more on course that I never played before. How often do you find yourself looking at the score card, yardage markers, and sprinkler heads to find distances? I never have to spend my time finding yardages, just enjoying the next shot.

Digital Scorecard

The scorecard is a simple feature to help track you round. I prefer to use a score card and only use this function on occasion. Approach S2 helps you track of your score then download, store and print scorecards of your rounds. The included USB cable connects the Garmin S2 to a computer giving the user the option to chart your progress, or even brag to your friends.

The Price!

If you don’t already know, I am cheap when it comes to spending money on golf and the Garmin Approach S2 fits my pocket book perfectly with the MSRP at $179.99. This is from Garmin the company that perfected GPS for the consumer market for under $200.00, wow.

To Sum it Up

I found the Garmin Approach S2 to be a comfortable and stylish GPS golf watch that did not bother with me during my golf swing like a big watch tends to do. The unit is very light weight and stable during the day. The LED readout on the Garmin Approach S2 has large text I can even read it without my glasses. The S2 gets high marks for simplicity of use and the entry level price.


Buy the Garmin Approach S2 here!

What Garmin Says about the Approach S2 GPS Golf Watch

Approach S2 is a stylish and comfortable GPS golf watch with a high-sensitivity GPS receiver giving precise yardage to the front, back and middle of greens. The S2 has the ability to measure shot distances and a course odometer. It’s similar to our popular Approach S1 model, but the S2 takes it up a notch with layup and dogleg distances and a digital scorecard.

Courses with Free Course Updates

Approach S2 is preloaded with more than 39,000 courses from around the world. Whether you’re on a course near home, a course at a holiday resort or the Old Course at St. Andrews, the S2 knows where you are and how far you have to go. Every Approach S2 includes free lifetime course updates, without additional subscriptions. Updates are added up to 4 times a year and are available through CourseView Updater.

Lock In and Measure Yardages

The high-sensitivity GPS receiver gives you yardage to the front, middle and back of the green, plus layup and dogleg distances to improve usability over the entire hole. It also measures precise yardages for shots played from anywhere on the course. And for those who like to walk, there’s an odometer to track how far you’ve gone.

Digital Scorecard

Approach S2 easily keeps track of your score throughout your round. When you’re done, use the included USB cable to connect S2 to your computer to download, store and print your scorecards. Then, chart your progress, or brag to your friends.

Sleek Design

Approach S2 is flexible, lightweight, and comfortable enough for everyday wear. It’s rugged, durable and water resistant (to 10 m). A variety of colorful bands are available to customize the look. With automatic time and date, an alarm and rechargeable lithium-ion battery, you’ll never miss a tee time.




Buy the Garmin Approach S2 here!

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The official grip of The Golf Ball Guy.

The MawGrip Case @GolfGripCover

One of my favorite things in golf is the 7:00 a.m. tee time when the course isMaw Grip 7 silent, still, and covered with morning dew. That is until my putter grip gets cover with condensation and wet sand from laying it down at the first green. Well the MawGrip golf grip cover can help make that dew soaked golf course more fun by keep your grips clean and dry.

Good and Easy

Maw Grip 1The MawGrip is a golf club grip cover that simply slips onto the grip end of the golf clubs to protect them from being exposed to wet grass, sand, and even rain. The cover clips on the golf bag for easy access. Made from top quality materials and substantial stitching, the MawGrip case is will made and designed to last.  The cover is available in four colors, giving you options to match your bag for a professional look. Two sizes are offered, the MawGrip fits all of the clubs in your bag and the “Biggy” fit the popular oversized putter grip perfectly.

The Bottom Line

You won’t find an easier to use golf club grip cover on the market.  I believe the MawGrip case to be one of the most useful golf accessories that I have ever used. Give it a try for yourself.

Maw Grip 8

What MawGrip Says

Keep Your Grips Dry!!!!

This new product is a removable water resistant rain cover for your oversized putter grips

  • Thin Cell Neoprene
  • Bag Attachment Clasp
  • Attaches Quickly and Easily
  • Extends Life of the Grip
  • Easy to find if left behind
  • Better Golf Scores !!

Maw Grip 4

Maw Grip 5

Photos courtesy of MawGrip.






The NoteCaddie Mobile Golf App @NoteCaddie

Golf has always embraced technology and in today’s golf, the smartphone is the pinnacle. With tens of thousands of the world’s golf course mapped via GPS (Global Positioning System) golfers can view a course before they play it, after they play it, and even as they play it. The smart phone applications add a whole new dimension to course management, with their eye in the sky, giving the user exact distances in real time.

Louis Oviedo and Christopher Takimoto, founders of NoteCaddie Mobile Golf, are taking the golf NoteCaddie Mobile Golf, LLC. GPS app to the next level. As avid students of the game, they are always searching to find ways to improve and have more fun on the course. Louis and Chris have realized that golf improvement is mainly centered on the swing and increased distance. In addition, they see that course management is often neglected by most players and golf instructors. Their belief that course management is as important to game improvement as a proper swing is way they have made it the foundation for the NoteCaddie app.

“With NoteCaddie, The power of Course Management will be in your hands!”

NoteCaddie incorporates note taking along with GPS mapping to help the GPS Satelliteweekend warrior better manage their own game as they play. Keeping a record of one’s practice results, club distances, and course results are keys to improvement that most players miss. The NoteCaddie app will put this at your fingertips. As casual golfers or competitive players, we strive to make the game more fun and the guys at NoteCaddie are doing their part.

Can Notes Really Help the Average Golfer?

When you watch the pros on Sunday afternoon, they never make a shot without looking at their note pad. Game management is not something only for the professional golfer, knowing what target line is best for the way you play can make your round. Keeping notes also helps you stay focused on the next shot and limits distractions.

Make Your Score

Will Note Taking Hold Up My Group?

The time spent taking a few notes per hole will improve shot, club, and target line selection easily making the investment well worth it. The time it takes a playing partner to make their shot is more than sufficient to update the notes as you play. The NoteCaddie app is being developed to help increase the efficiency of the players note taking and their game at the same time.

Voice to text features limits the typing required by the operator. Easy drawing tools for the greens make accurate notations for break and elevation changes. Template notes, along with GPS information are designed to make the app more efficient for use on the green.

 Easy, Efficient, and Effective
Easy, Efficient, and Effective

NoteCaddie’s Three Key Areas for Effective Course Management

Hole Notes: Take notes on club selection, areas to avoid, and course conditions. NoteCaddie will also incorporate data from the golfer’s playing style, the distance, and offering recommendations.

Shot Tracking View
Hole Comparisons by Round

Shot Dispersion: The app allows the user to review with color coded shot lines how the hole was played previously. This screen allows the user to see shot trends on a hole, based on how the hole was played in previous rounds. This would permit the player to quickly make a game plan for attacking the hole in the future, the hole’s image can be marked with ‘go zones’ and ‘no zones’ that translate to the GPS ‘main play’ screen.

Green Notes on NoteCaddie
Green Notes on NoteCaddie

Green Notes: Green Notes will display a zoomed in graphic of the green, with drawing tools to quickly and easily mark undulations, elevations, breaks, and pin positions. Areas will be provided to note the overall slope of each green and approach shot information.




“Every Single Pro takes GREAT GOLF NOTES.”

The Process of Taking Notes

Taking notes, as a process, is one that improves the golfer’s perception of their game by keeping the player’s thoughts away from the previous shot and toward the next one. The process of note taking aids the player to take a more complete look of the golf course.

Sharing Notes with the NoteCaddie Community

As notes collect in the NoteCaddie system, players will have the opportunity to reference notes that have been taken by other users on different golf courses.

“NoteCaddie can then integrate that data and recommend a club for your next shot. It’s the closest thing to having a professional caddie out on the course, without paying out 10% of your winnings!”

The NoteCaddie app is the development phase and you can be a part of the process by helping found the project via NoteCaddie’s Kickstarter campaign will launch on November 19, 2015, check it out for an opportunity to get some very cool benefits. Click here to see what you get as a backer of the NoteCaddie app. Stay tuned to for updates on the NoteCaddie app.



Just some of the amazing features that NoteCaddie will include:

  ~ Simple, Effective, Quick Notes on the course. The Cornerstone of the app is the ability to enhance your course management skills by focusing you on the right things on the course, and noting them to take advantage of your experience. Use Voice to text notes, and quickly reference your previous experiences in an efficient and organized way.

  ~ Past results from each hole visualized. Color coded dispersion that allows you to see where you’ve had the most success, and emulate it.​

  ~ Know your greens. Green notes allow you to note everything from overall slope to likely pin positions. Know every ridge, every undulation, before you hit your approach, so you can knock it close.

  ~ Recommended Club selection. NoteCaddie will take your profile information and combine it with current location and hole information, as well as your previous experiences, and make recommendations on club selection that are specific to your game.

  ~ Get great notes on courses you’ve never played! NoteCaddie Community allows you to review notes from players with similar playing style/handicaps, meaning you can play the course like it’s your home course, even your first time on the course.

  ~ Full GPS Distance capabilities. With distances to the center, front and back of the green, as well as distances to, and carry distances, for hazards.​ Use the shot tracker to keep track of your club distances and optimize NoteCaddie’s ability to recommend clubs and course notes that fit your game!

  ~ Robust tracking of your game, stats, and score. Get a deeper understanding of your game, learn your distances for each club, and manage your score all in one place.


“Why Louis and Chris need your help”

 “These two have the passion for their product and the personal experience and network to make it a success.  What they need is the monetary support to send this plan into development and get it onto your iPhone as soon as possible. All donations will grant you insight into their journey to fulfillment of the app, and certain donation levels will also allow you the ability to receive the test version of the app on one golf course in your area. Giving you the ability to provide real time feedback in the development stages, and play an integral part in building the next major Golf Mobile app.

Contribution at any level allows you to provide suggestions and feedback, even without access to test the app. Before or during the journey to build, send an email to with your feedback.

The funds for this Kickstarter will be going to a developer (already identified and waiting), marketing the app and building the data warehouse to be inclusive of as many of the country’s golf courses as possible so NoteCaddie may compete at the highest level.

Thank you for your support!”

“Know every course you play with great golf notes Using the  NoteCaddie Mobile Golf app.”

Quoted items, app screen shots, and the NoteCaddie logo are supplied by NoteCaddie Mobile Golf, LLC.

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