An Introduction to BJM Putting Grip and Putting System @bjmputtergrips

These guys seem to be on to something big in putting. See our review coming soon!

11 March, 2016
“The R&A has ruled that it does conform to the Rules of Golf.”


The new BJM putting grip is designed to allow the golfer to turn the palms of the hands up.

WHY: by turning both palms up we reduce the available mobility in the joints of the hands and arms

Photos by BJM Putter Grips.

WHAT: does this mean: this means there is less available mobility in the joints of the hands and arms, in 3 planes of motion, for the golfer to control during the putting movement – this means less variation – this means an increase in consistency – this equates to more holed putts simply because the putter face at the starting position to the putter face at impact position variation is reduced dramatically, result, more putts hit where the putter face was aimed at the starting position – equals – positive reaction to the ball roll outcome.  

HOW: because the available mobility of the hands and arms is dramatically reduced in the 3 planes of motion, this encourages the putter head motion to come from the upper half of the body, hence creating a consistent arc and stroke length for the putter head, now the mobility of the hands and arms is reduced then the face of the putter is more inclined to stay on the putter arc dramatically reducing face to aim and face to impact variation, increasing consistency not just in the putter face but in putting stroke also, this is good news for distance control.

Photos by BJM Putter Grips.

This putter grip and putting system, even though they are separate entities are very powerful once they are combined. Join many others that have made the switch to a better putting system, try our system and grip and lower your putts today

  • Reduces available mobility in hands and arms
  • Consistent putter arc and stroke length
  • Reduces face variation between the starting position and impact
  • Increases sweet spot contact point
  • Reduces involuntary, unwanted movement in the putter head
  • Help reduce and overcome physiological glitches (YIPS)

Read more about BJM Putter Grips here.

Photos by BJM Putter Grips.

Forward Golf Adds to It’s Line Up! @ForwardGolf

The good folks at Forward Golf have added a midsize putter grip to an already impressive line of cutting edge golf grips. The midsize grip is available now for pre order only with an expected delivery date of January 31. 2017. The spring will be here before you know it and now is the perfect time to regrip your putter with Forward Golf grips.

We hope to give this new midsize putter grip a try soon.

“All the Forward technology, now available in a midsize grip.”
COLOR Red, Blue
SIZE Midsize
DETAILS • Unique shape & tapered design calms the hands
• Minimizes tension required to hold the grip
• Weight: 58g +/- 3g
• Great feel and tackiness
• Fits standard shaft sizes: .58″ and .60″
• Standard installation with grip tape & solvent
• Approved: conforms with USGA Rules

It’s a bargain at $23.99 USD and free shipping.

We have enjoyed using the Forward grips for a season of golf now and couldn’t be happier to recommend the company and the products they offer.


The official grip of The Golf Ball Guy.

The Forward Golf Club Grips @ForwardGolf

Forward Golf has taken the advantages of their oversized putter grips and developed a superior grip for the rest of your clubs. After using the Forward Golf putter grip we had faith that their club grips would be a must try, so we put them to the test.

About the Forward Grip

The Forward Golf grip has a chevron textured surface made of very tacky material that holds firmly to the hands.

Forward Golf Club Grips 2


One can’t help but feel confident when holding the Forward grip in hand as it all but sticks to you like gum on hat parking lot.

Forward Golf Club Grips 3

The Bottom Line

I believe the average golfer can benefit from the Forward Golf club grips and have made them the official grip of

Forward Golf Club Grips

What Forward Golf Says


Don’t let slippery grips stand in the way of shooting your personal best.

Play with confidence and style.


Crafted to the highest quality standards,

Forward Grips offer amazing durability

What Golfers Say About Forward Golf Club Grips

See reviews at

Eric – February 15, 2016:

I truly love your product!! It was very hard to give up on Golf Pride, but you have me now. Eric, Ohio

Mike – February 15, 2016:

The feel throughout the swing is incredible and the connection with the club is second to none. (Arizona)

Jen – March 28, 2016:

3 rounds this Easter & each under my handicap. Time to buy my hubby these grips. If you golf you have to get some. Awesome! (South Australia)

The official grip of The Golf Ball Guy.
The official grip of The Golf Ball Guy.

The Forward Golf Putter Grip is More than an Oversized Grip @ForwardGolf

Oversized putter grips are biggest wave hitting the golf world and Forward Golf has taken the concept to the next level with their “Deep Rounded V Shape” putter grip design.

I installed The Forward grip on my old trusty standby putter to see just forward-golf-PUTTER-grips-1what advantages the oversized putter grip have to offer the average player. The most obvious thing I noticed about the Forward grip is that it isn’t just a big fat cylinder but formed to fit the hands and contoured to keep the hands and arms in line with the putter shaft.

The Install

After removing the grip from my old flat stick, I installed the new Forward putter grip as directed by the supplied information. Forward Golf suggests that you have a professional install the grip. The grip is a very tight fit on the putter shaft, so having been an armature club maker for 20 years, I also suggest using a golf club repair shop do the installation.

About the Forward Grip

The Forward Golf Putter grip has a chevron textured surface made of extremelyforward-golf-PUTTER-grips-2 tacky material that holds snugly to the hands. The “Deep Rounded V” feature of the grip fits well in the fingers as the club is gripped while increasing surface area contact.  The V shape works in conjunction with Forward Golf’s “Grip Forward Technology” and the taper making it almost impossible to break the wrist during the putting strike. On the practice green I had to force my wrist to break.

As with any equipment change there is always some learning curve and with the Forward grip I experienced a change my feel for distance, the advantages gained with the Forward  putter grip will be well worth the temporary inconvenience.

The Price

The Forward Golf grip has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $24.95, which is not out of line to most oversized putter grips. It is also a great deal less than buying a new putter.

The Bottom Line

I believe the average golfer can benefit from the Forward Golf advanced putter grip.

What Forward Golf Says

Grip Forward Technology

Revolutionizes the design of putter grips, placing more grip material above the shaft.  The unique shape places the hands in the ideal position, uniting the arms, hands and putter and creating a more balanced and consistent stroke.


Deep Rounded V Shape

Fits in the hands perfectly for reduced grip pressure and improved comfort resulting in better distance control.


Maximum Taper

Tapered grip design keeps trailing hand in line with putter shaft, helping make the arms and putter a single unit.


Quality and Durability

Crafted to the highest quality standards, Forward Grips offer amazing durability.


Superior Grip Texture

The unique pattern employs a raised chevron texture for unmatched traction and control. Experience amazing feel on all putts both long and short.


Advanced Shape

The unique shape places the hands in the ideal position, uniting the arms, hands and putter and creating a more balanced and consistent stroke.



We are proud to have Forward Golf as the official golf club grip of

The official grip of The Golf Ball Guy.
The official grip of The Golf Ball Guy.

Watch for our review of the new Forward Golf grips for the rest of your sticks coming soon.



Forward Golf advanced putter grip review. #GolfGrips