Chippo Golf Game Review @ChippoGolf


The “Chippopotamuses” at Chippo Golf have taken one of the most fun golf shots (the chip shot) and made it an amazing new backyard/tailgating game called Chippo. Brendan and Matt, the self-proclaimed “washed up athletes” are the co-founders of Chippo Golf LLC have invented a game that may just change beach parties and tailgates forever, “You’re welcome.” Chippo went from an idea to successful Kickstarter campaign to the hottest new golf game in recent years. Chippo Golf has recently been called “the greatest backyard game of all-time” by one of their customers.


“One of’s Best Golf Gifts of 2017”

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How’s it Work?

In a no time at all the Chippo Golf game can be ready for the fun. The two Chippo target boards are built with reinforced plastic, covered in artificial turf and have three netted holes for scoring. The chipping mat clipped to the underside for safe keeping. To play simply set the boards fifteen feet apart, fold down the legs, and remove the hitting mats. The balls are included but you will have to use your own wedges. The game has a number of scoring options, similar to golf, coincidence? I’m pretty sure they knew what they were doing.

The Bottom Line

Chippo Golf is a fun and easy game to play with your family and friends. I think the Chippo Golf game will be a great way to introduce young kids to golf. It’s kind of like a “Top Golf” that you can fit in trunk of your car. The Chippo will be standard equipment in The Golf Ball Guy Jeep on all of our future beach trips.

“The best backyard game of all-time” remains to be seen, but the best backyard game of 2017/18 sounds about right to me.


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