Common Mistakes and the High Handicapper #1

Not Warming up Before a Round

On golf day your round should not start at the number one tee, get to the golf p6iydKMcncourse as least a half hour before your tee time, 45 minutes if you like to chat. This will give you plenty of time to warm up and also give you time to calm down. Because we all still get excited about playing golf the adrenaline kicks in and the gut churns making it hard to keep things smooth. A proper warm up will make a big difference on that first drive if you are not in a rush to get things started.

Loosen Up

Always start with a small bag of range balls before your start time to help stretch out the body and smooth out the mind.

At the Practice Green

First send some time at the practice green with your putter, this will give you an ki8kEjBiridea of the speed of the greens on the golf course. If your playing partners skip the putting warm you will have the advantage for the first few holes at the least. Before heading to the driving range, make some green side chip shots to help loosen up and get a feel for you shot game.

At the Driving Range

Remember to keep a smooth pace as you make your way to the driving range. Don’t start with the driver, get your pitching wedge instead. Hit eight or ten balls starting with a 3/4 swing and working your way up to a full swing. After you have hit a couple of clean full shots with the PW, move to a mid-iron, say 7 iron. Hit a number of full clean shots with a high finish. Keep in mind to not get in to a rush, keep in mind to keep it smooth.

Range BucketNext up the hybrid, please have hybrids. Hybrids are used for different types of shots including from the fairway and from the tee. Hit from the turf on a few shots and if you use a hybrid on any par 3 holes tee up a couple. Now take a few shots with a fairway wood always having a target to shoot at. Tee up a 3 or 4 range rocks with the 3 wood and two with the driver. Finish off by hitting your last few balls with the one club that you always hit the best. This will help give you confidence before making your way to the #1 tee box.

Have Fun Playing Golf

Spending this short time warming up will help get your body ready for golf and more importantly, it will get your mind ready for golf. Now when you step up on the first tee your buddies will be dealing with butterflies and you will be smooth and put your drive right down the middle of the short grass.

-The Golf Ball Guy