Common Mistakes and the High Handicapper #2

  1. Swinging the Club to Hard

The last thing we want to hear is do not swing so hard, but it may be killing your Chi Chi Rodriguezgame. Once I read an article where Chi Chi Rodriguez said something to likes of “Golf is a game of long and straight, with straight being the most important.” That statement has stayed with me over the years and to this day keeps me from trying to out drive the others in my group.

Bad Things Can Happen

We all want more distance and it can be almost imposable to stand on the tee box with the big stick in hand and not give our all. Bad things can happen when step up and swing as hard as you can, your ball will end up in the piney woods more often than not. Worse than that your buddy tees up, takes a smooth swing sending his ball down the middle.

Don’t Crank It Out There

When you try to crank it out there, you will tend to tighten up on the grip notrcnKG54oi allowing the clubface to square up at impact, sending the ball way off of the target line. As the grip tightens up so does the lower body keeping the hips and legs from shifting as the club is swung causing a huge loss of the distance.

Test It

Test yourself, the next time you are at the driving range hit four balls with the driver using a smooth slower stroke and take note of the ball flight. Afterwards hit four more with your hardest swing ever and compare the results.

Keep this in mind three strokes to get out the wilderness will do far more damage to your score than two strokes to the green.