Common Mistakes and the High Handicapper #3

Spending too Much Time over the Ball

Don’t you just it hate when you duff the first drive of the round? Just as bad is when you hit your approach shot fat after make the drive of your life.

Don’t Just Stand There

Dont Just Stand ThereSo many times high handicappers will stand over the ball far too long, allowing numerous swing thoughts enter their mind making it impossible for them to make clean golf stroke. The more time swing cues spend going through a golfer’s mind will tend to increase tension. Tension, particularly in the arms and shoulders, when at address can ruin the golf swing before it gets started.

Take Control of the Tension

Often times when a golfers rest the clubhead on the ground for a length of time, they freeze over the ball, which allows muscle tension to creep in. One simple way to keep loose while over the ball is to keep a little movement going with the clubhead just off the ground. Many professional golfers use the waggle to keep the tension at bay, give it a try the next time you feel things getting tight.

Learn from Better Players

Better Players BTake a moment to watch better players and note that most of them will spend more time standing behind the ball visualizing the shot the than they do at address. If you take a moment, stand behind the ball finding a target line, and picture the ball in flight to that target this will help keep you clam before addressing the ball.

At the Driving Range

The next time you are at the driving range tee up a ball and stand behind it. Find yourself a target to aim at then address the ball and hit it with little hesitation. Make sure swing with a smooth tempo and them repeat this with four or five golf balls. Make some notes on each shot and compare the results to the first drive of your last round of golf. Many high handicappers will quickly see a notable difference in the contact they make with the ball.

Golf is mental so don’t psych yourself out by standing over the golf ball for too long. Like John Daly says, “Grip it and Rip it.”

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What part of your game needs help? Let me know and I’ll give you my two cents.


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