Common Mistakes and the High Handicapper #4

  1. Not Taking Enough Club

We all hate that feeling when we make our approach shot and flies nicely toward the green only to end up 10 yards shot.

Range Rock FITOne of the best ways to make a significant improvement in your game is to know how far you hit each club in your bag. Unfortunately using the rocks at your local driving range to find distance is a fruitless endeavor unless you are a tour pro using the same ball on the range as you do on the course.

The most accurate way, that I have found, to get distance for each club is on the golf course, using the same golf ball with every shot. Golf ball models have varying characteristics so using a different model of golf ball from round to round or hole to hole will make getting the numbers right somewhat difficult.

Dial in on your real yardage by simply hit your approach shot from the fairway Note Padand mark the results in a note pad. Use a GPS smartphone app, a GPS golf watch, or the yardage markers on the golf course to find the distance to the center of the green. Take the club you feel is right for the shot, make your swing, and note the findings in your notepad. Carry the note pad with you on every round keeping it up to date as play and your club selection will be more reliable, making golf more fun.


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