COOLSHOT 80i VR Golf Laser Rangefinder Review


The COOLSHOT 80i VR uses Nikon’s optical VR technology to help get a more accurate distance measurement. The VR technology reduces external vibrations caused by unintentional hand movements while finding the distance to an object. This keeps the target mark on the rangefinder stable, even when the rangefinder itself is moving. VR tech provides the golfer with a steady view while stabilizes the laser for greater performance.


The optical VR Function starts when the rangefinder is on, with no need to toggle around to find the settings.  The scan option is activated by simply holding the ranging button down the device does a continuous scan for 8 seconds.  Measurements are received very quickly no matter what the distance, with Nikon’s HYPER READ technology.  The COOLSHOT 80i/80 VR displays measurements in .1-yard increments and, according to Nikon, have an effective range of 8-1000 yards. The longest yardage we tested was 425 yards with accurate results. The new LOCKED ON Technology and the First Target priority mode make distinguishing the flagstick from objects in the background. When the LOCKED ON sign appears on the readout, you know that the distance is correct.

The waterproof 80i VR has Nikon’s ID (Incline/Decline) Technology that adjusts for uphill or downhill elevation changes (slope). For tournament use, the slope feature can also be deactivated to comply with USGA rules. The slope-adjusted distance is clearly given making proper club selection easy for every shot uphill or downhill.

The compact unit comes with a fitted carrying case with carabiner clip to easily attach to the golf bag for convenience and the necessary battery.



The Nikon Coolshot 80i VR rangefinder fits in the premium rangefinder category, the retail price of $449.95 is in line with other high end rangefinders.




The Bottom Line

The Nikon Coolshot 80i VR is packed with the latest golf rangefinder technology, it is fast and it is accurate. A golf rangefinder is one of the most over looked pieces of game improvement equipment on the market, the Coolshot 80i VR will help golfers at all levels cut strokes from the very first round.

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