Golf Club Maintenance and the High Handicapper!

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We go hit a bucket of range rocks, play a quick 9 when can and even drop a few bucks on a lesson now and then, but when do we clean our stick? Many weekend hackers tend to overlook one of easiest and cheapest ways to improve our game, golf club maintenance.

Keep it Groovy

The high handicap golfer already has trouble with generating backspin with short irons and wedges so grooves packed with last year’s grass and dirt is a shot in the “Foot Joy” even before to tee off on #1. The backspin is generated when the ball compresses agents the clubface and the grooves grab the cover. When the grooves are filled with dirt the club face can’t grab the ball and no backspin is created. There are many different tools available to keep your grooves clean from a cheap brush to expensive powered devices.

The Club Scrub

The best way to prepare for your next round of golf starts just after your last Golf Club Maintenance_Bucket Brushround. Before you stash the golf bag in the garage, take a little time to clean and dry your sticks. The best way to clean the golf clubs is simply fill a bucket with warm water and mild soap, put the clubs in head first, and scrub them clean. Dry them thoroughly before putting them away and you will have the cleanest grooves in your group.

A Clean Grip is a Happy Grip

The golf grip is subjected to many types of contaminants from oils on the hands Swing 1to dust in the bottom of the golf bag. Anything that comes between your grip and you will dramatically affect the performance of a golf club grip, so it is important to remove all of the dirt and grim on a regular basis. If you can’t recall how tacky you grips were when you first got them, it is time to clean them. The trusty bucket of warm water and mild soap along with a clean towel will bring back that awesome feel to the grips.


Regrip Them and Rip Them

If your grips are old and slick cleaning them will not bring them back to life, no matter how much to scrub. Grips should be replaced each year to keep your hands in place during the swing. Visit your local golf club repair shop for this service. We recommend golf grips from our friends at Forward Golf, the official grip of


We Saved the Bag for Last

No matter how well you wipe down your PW before you put back in the bag sand the golf ball guy Bag 2and grass can find its way down to the bottom of your golf bag. After you cleaned and dried your golf clubs turn, you golf bag upside down and “shake it all about” to remove any loose impediments that may be in there. It is also a good idea to use a vacuum cleaner to clean out dust and debris from the golf bag, the easiest was to lose your grip is to have your brand new golf grips covered with dust the first time you use them.


Making a Difference

Range Rock FITMany high handicappers think these little efforts can only help better golfers and neglect golf maintenance which will cost them strokes and even golf balls sent into ponds or forests near and far. So take some time to get your equipment cleaned up and ready for your best round ever.


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The official grip of The Golf Ball Guy.

The official grip of The Golf Ball Guy.