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“Renowned for their lightweight strength, KAKADU Australia 100% Kangaroo Leather Gloves offer comfort and that competitive grip advantage we all look for.”


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Kakadu Australia has been making golf gloves for over 20 years gaining a word wide reputation for producing one of the thinnest, strongest, longest lasting golf gloves out there. The cross-grain construction of kangaroo leather (K-Leather) allows it to be cut thinner than cabretta or synthetic leather gloves.

The K-Leather, 100% kangaroo leather, has a much higher tensile strength making Kakadu Australia gloves lighter in weight and stronger without sacrificing grip or feel. Click here for more information on K-Leather.


Kakadu’s K-Leather golf glove is thinner that traditional cabretta leather with aids in feel on those delicate shot around the green. This glove allows more feedback than any other leather golf gloves that I have used and much more so than any synthetic gloves do.

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Grip is what it’s all about when choosing a golf glove, if you don’t trust your control of the golf club it will be a long day. The Kakadu glove, in dry conditions, grips the club as good or better as any leather or synthetic golf glove on the market. When the precipitation starts to fall and the other gloves get slippery the K-Leather keeps holding on as well as most rain gloves do.

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For 54 holes, a few hours at the range, a few more hours chipping in the backyard, and counting. The Kakadu golf glove has held up extremely well even in the Southeast Texas heat and humidity.  Kakadu’s glove is showing very little sign of wear so I will continue to use it and report back later with results.

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Kakadu’s golf glove, at around $23, is priced in line with other premium golf gloves. With its durability and not needing to buy a separate wet weather glove, the Kakadu golf glove is a bargain in the “premium golf world.”

To Sum It Up

Kakadu Australia’s K-Leather golf glove is not another novelty golf gimmick it is the real thing. With that said it is pretty cool telling my golf buddies I’m using a kangaroo leather glove from Australia. The fit, feel, and durability are second to none when it comes to golf gloves. I would recommend this glove to golfers of all skill levels.

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Here an update on Kakadu Australia’s K-Leather golf glove after 10 rounds of golf this glove is still going strong.

After 10 rounds of golf.



“When only the best will do, choose Kakadu Australia 100% kangaroo leather gloves.”

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Kakadu Australia also offers very comfortable low cut sock with their cool kangaroo logo on the heel.

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