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Indi Golf StingRay Wedges Excel in Test Against Most Popular Wedges in Golf​


VISTA, CA, December 19, 2017– Indi Golf, design and manufacturer of high performance golf clubs, announces StingRay wedges drastically outperformed the competition in testing. StingRay wedges, featuring unmatched feel and spin, have been designed so that golfers of any skill level can achieve tour player control and spin rates. Indi Golf put this claim to the test and the results speak for themselves.
“After getting some very positive reviews from around the golf world we were asked how StingRay compares to some of the most popular wedges in golf,” said Rob Lang, General Manager, Indi Golf.  “So, we gathered a few well-known wedges and with the help of a scratch golfer and a Foresight GCQUAD launch monitor, we set out to compare backspin and launch angles. Not surprising to us, StingRay blows the doors off the competition!”
The clubs tested included: the Titleist Vokey SM6, Callaway Mack Daddy MD3, TaylorMade Milled Grind (MG) and the Indi StingRay. All clubs had a 56-degree loft and all but the Taylor Made MG had 12-degrees of bounce. The MG had 13-degrees of bounce. All test clubs were brand new in shrink-wrap prior to testing and all averages in the data were based on 12 shots for each club.
Backspin was tested on full shots of approximately 105 yards. The results showed, that compared to the popular competitors, golfers will achieve 40 – 50% more backspin on full swings with the StingRay wedge.
When it comes to launch angle, StingRay outperformed the incumbents in this aspect, as well.  Compared to the typical high-end wedge, golfers not only get awesome spin, but can also launch the ball up to 5 – 8 degrees lower.  That combination allows the average golfer to play far more aggressive shots around the green without fear of the ball rolling away from the target.
“This testing confirms how well StingRay stacks up to the competition,” added Lang. “Thanks to the intense attention to detail put into the StingRay wedge design, you will get amazingly consistent performance on every shot. Big backspin rates and optimal launch conditions are integrated in the clubhead, and don’t rely on you making ideal contact. You can pick up a StingRay wedge and start hitting better wedge shots and have more fun playing golf immediately.”
Designed as a premium solution for the recreational golfer, StingRay wedges feature large open square grooves called “TractionFace.”  The fantastic grip on the ball created by TractionFace technology is responsible for increased spin and ultimate control over the golf ball.
In addition to the whopping 50% increase in spin shown in test results, is the incredible feel and control of the wedge can be attributed to Indi’s ScoopBack technology. This technology makes off center hits feel better, go straighter, spin more and end up closer to the hole. The thickness is optimized at hundreds of points in a grid across the entire head, creating a unique smoothly curved back which looks beautiful at address, and from any angle.
Other features of the StingRay wedges include:
  • ShortHosel – Creates discretionary weight that has been position higher in the face and more towards the toe, resulting in higher performance, better feel, and more forgiveness.
  • Optimized Bounce – Allows the head to glide through the turf yielding solid contact for the grooves to grab the ball and impart maximum spin while producing ideal launch conditions.
  • Straight Leading Edge – Makes the wedge easier to align, giving a player more confidence and resulting in more consistent shots.
The StingRay Wedge is available in lofts of 52, 54, 56, 58 and 60-degrees. Due to the TractionGrooves technology, the StingRay wedge is ideal for recreational golfers and is not approved for USGA competition play. MSRP is $159.99.
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