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Rod Spittle’s 2nd Annual Dunedin Heritage Celebrity Pro-Am
Golf Tournament Presented by Cure Putters
Raises money for Children’s Charities
(JACKSONVILLE, FL) – Rod Spittle hosted the 2nd Annual Dunedin Heritage Celebrity Pro-Am Golf Tournament with presenting sponsor, Cure Putters, on Monday, February 27th at the Dunedin Golf Club in Florida.

The city of Dunedin has long been known as an eclectic community focused on the arts and committed to its rich heritage. There are many historic landmarks throughout the city that add flavor to its visitors and residents alike.
One such landmark is the Dunedin Golf Club, which served as the home to the Professional Golfers Association from 1945 to 1972. All the greats like Ben Hogan and Bobby Jones have played and competed at the Dunedin Golf Club. In 2015, the “Dunedin Isles Golf Club” as it was formerly known, was named to the National Register of Historical Places.
Cure Putters CEO, Jim McCarthy with Rod Spittle


Champions Tour Player and part-time resident of Dunedin, Rod Spittle, wanted to bring attention to this wonderful historic landmark and embarked on an effort to “feature” the golf course, its history in golf, as well as benefitting children’s charities.
Champions, PGA and LPGA Tour players and celebrities who joined Rod Spittle to compete at this event included: Skip Kendall, Courtney Harter, Michael Davan, Scott Hoch, Casey Kennedy, Tyler Sluman, Kevin Benstead, John Downey, John Huston, Jennifer Neville, Tim Petrovic, Steen Tinning, Gar Hamilton, Ericka Schneider, Brad Bryant and Jim Dent.
All proceeds from the Tournament benefited The Special Olympics, Shriner’s Hospitals for Children, Clearwater For Youth and other local charities.
“It was a great event and we are thrilled to be a sponsor. It’s a tremendous honor to be associated with Rod and Ann Spittle and these worthy causes,” said Jim McCarthy, CEO of Cure Putters. “It’s easy to support something like this when you have such great people involved. Rod’s a good friend and has had great success with our putter on the Champions Tour, so we are excited to be a part of this and help raise money to benefit these charities that are so close to his heart.”
About Cure Putters
Cure Putters is a golf putter manufacturer based in Jacksonville, Florida. Guided by the principle that “Form Follows Function”, Cure Putters takes a no-nonsense, performance driven approach to putter design. Cure putters all feature an Extremely High MOI design, which is very stable and offers incredible forgiveness for much greater accuracy and distance control, even on extreme mishits. The adjustable weighting system allows a wide range of weight adjustability, allowing the golfer to find the perfect weight to suit their stroke and tempo. With a higher center of gravity, lower loft and deeper face that impacts the ball at the equator, Cure Putters deliver a superior roll – getting the ball rolling sooner, helping it stay on the intended line. Cure Putters’ innovative design takes several problematic variables out of the equation and offers incredible forgiveness and control, resulting in a tighter shot dispersion. Golfers of every skill level will putt more consistently, build confidence and achieve better results with a Cure putter.
All Cure Putters are CNC milled from a solid block of T-6160 Aircraft Grade Aluminum and 100% Made and Assembled in the USA.
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