Press Release: Honma Golf Medals In The 2017 Hot List



February 2, 2017

Honma Golf Medals In The 2017 Hot List

HARBOR CITY, CA – HONMA GOLF U.S., LTD., a global leader in golf equipment craftsmanship and innovation, is extremely pleased to announce that Golf Digest has awarded HONMA’s new TOUR WORLD TW737 Series with three Silver medals in the 2017 HOT LIST.

Silver Medal Winners


HONMA TOUR WORLD TW737 Fairway Wood – Compact Model


“We’re extremely proud of the fact that our TOUR WORLD TW737 Series earned Silver medals in our very first entry into Golf Digest’s HOT LIST,” said Adam Sheldon, General Manager of HONMA Golf – U.S.A. “We’ve been making great strides to grow HONMA’s presence here in the U.S., and more great things are on the horizon. The fact that HONMA Golf is such a new brand here in the U.S., coupled with this being our first endeavor in the HOT LIST, makes the accomplishment of being featured and medaling in such an exclusive issue of Golf Digest even more rewarding for our team.”

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About HONMA Golf:

Founded in 1959, HONMA Golf is one of golf’s most prestigious, iconic and storied brands in the market. Synonymous with intricate craftsmanship, dedication to performance excellence and distinguished product quality, HONMA Golf’s mission is to create aspiring, accessible golf products that combine exquisite quality with outstanding performance. The company’s founders were craftsmen who passionately viewed making golf clubs as an art form. Today, HONMA Golf remains committed to a craftsmanship heritage that embodies pride in its legacy and products, a relen tless pursuit of perfection, and perseverance toward achieving the highest design and manufacturing standards.

Quality golf clubs at unreal prices. “Pull the Pin!”

Quality golf clubs at unreal prices. “Pull the Pin!”