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Nikon Introduces the World’s First Vibration Reduction Golf Laser Rangefinders*


Melville, NY (October 6, 2016) – Nikon Sport Optics has officially announced the release of its revolutionary new products, the COOLSHOT 80i VR and COOLSHOT 80 VR Golf Laser Rangefinders.  Featuring Nikon’s optical VR (Vibration Reduction) Technology, the COOLSHOT 80i/80 VR are the world’s first laser rangefinders to compensate for the human body’s physical inability to be completely still.  COOLSHOT 80i/80 VR Laser Rangefinders enable golfers to literally “Become Unshakable.”

The COOLSHOT 80i/80 VR represent a major step in golfing technology by helping alleviate the effects that cold, wind, unbalanced position, physical exertion or just plain-old tournament pressure can have on a golfer.  Nikon’s optical VR technology reduces the effect of external vibrations caused by inadvertent hand movements while ranging distant objects.  For golfers, this means the target mark on the rangefinder remains stable, even when the body of the rangefinder is being moved.  Not only does this provide the user with a steady image, it also stabilizes the activated laser, allowing it to maintain greater alignment for enhanced measurement performance.

Employing Nikon’s optical VR (Vibration Reduction) system, vibrations of the image in the viewfinder caused by hand movement are reduced**, while simultaneously aligning the viewed image with the activated laser beam.  Because you can direct the laser onto the target faster and more easily, the ease of measurement to a small subject is greatly improved; all achieved by Nikon’s original technologies that are a fusion of VR technology and high-performance measurement function.

The optical VR Function begins immediately when the laser rangefinder is on, meaning there is no extra time spent trying to toggle between settings.  Holding down the ranging button allows the user to continuously scan for 8 seconds.  A fast measurement is received (in approximately half a second), regardless of the distance, thanks to Nikon’s HYPER READ technology.  COOLSHOT 80i/80 VR have an effective measurement range of 8-1000 yards and display measurements in .1-yard increments.

Both models feature Nikon’s new LOCKED ON Technology and employ the First Target priority mode.  These features give golfers confidence when measuring overlapping subjects such as a flagstick with trees in the background, to ascertain that when the LOCKED ON sign appears, golfers know that they are reading the distance of the target closer to them. 

“The new COOLSHOT 80 VR and 80i VR rangefinders are some of the most exciting new products of Nikon’s recent releases.  Not only does this make it easier for golfers to range the flagstick and other objects, we are able to offer them at a price point that doesn’t break the bank.  We strive to make practical advances in the golfing industry and this is just the beginning of some exciting new things golfers can expect from Nikon,” said Randy Garrison, Associate General Manager at Nikon Sport Optics. 

COOLSHOT 80i/80 VR Laser Rangefinders feature a quality 6x monocular for a bright, crisp sighting and boast an uncluttered display.  COOLSHOT 80i VR features Nikon’s ID (Incline/Decline) Technology to compensate for uphill or downhill slope  This feature can also be disabled to become USGA compliant for tournament use.

Not only do the COOLSHOT 80i/80 VR come in a compact and lightweight body, they are also rubber armored for a sure grip and waterproof for those unexpected wet conditions (battery chamber is rainproof). The manufacturer’s suggested retail price of the COOLSHOT 80i VR is $449.95 and the COOLSHOT 80 VR is $399.95.

* As of September 5, 2016, among dedicated golfing rangefinders that have already been released.  Researched by Nikon Vision.


** The effect of Vibration Reduction: Vibrations of the image in the viewfinder caused by hand movement are reduced by approx. 80% (1/5 or less without VR function based on Nikon’s measurement standards).

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