Review: Cleveland CBX Wedge

Hitting an off center shot with a blade long iron will always miss its intended target, the short game can suffer a similar fate when we double digits use a PW designed for professional golfers. Most of the golfing public use cavity back irons because they are much more forgiving them muscle back blades.

The premium wedge market has long been blade only, until now, Cleveland Golf has stepped up to fill the ‘gap’ in the wedge world with the CBX line of cavity back wedges.


-Cleveland Golf

At Address

The 56゚ CBX has a larger face than most wedges we’ve tested but certainly has an attractive profile that adds confidence when over the ball.

At Impact

Cleveland CBX wedge feels solid and firm from a huge face and is surprisingly soft for a club with such a large cavity. Off center hits can be felt but do not ring your bell.

The Flexibility

The wide Dual-V sole grind makes the CBX wedge ideal for hitting from bunker and the rough. The narrower heel permits the clubface to be opened up for flop shots and other situation that require a little finesse.

The Performance

The ball flight has a high trajectory most of us need. The CBX features Cleveland’s Rotex Face that helps produce more spin and greenside control.  The CBX wedges are the answer to the ubiquitous cavity back wedges found in most iron sets. This wedge has everything the average golfer needs to help improve their game.

The Bottom Line

After playing the 56゚ model for a few weeks, using the Srixon Q Start golf ball, we believe Cleveland has designed a literal game changer for the recreational golfer with the CBX line of wedges. These clubs will outperform your stock cavity backed wedges and help you put the ball on the green.