Review of the XXIO Prime Driver

The Club: XXIO Prime Driver

Price: $849.99 with XXIO Prime XP1000 graphite shaft

Specs: Forged Super TIX Plus titanium cup face with 8-2 titanium body


The First Thing:

XXIO (pronounced zek-si-oh) is an ultra-premium from the makers of Cleveland and Srixon golf. XXIO has updated the Prime driver for 2019. The Prime driver has been is designed to compensate for lower swing speeds to produce more distance and a straighter ball flight.


About the XXIO Prime Driver:

The XXIO Prime driver looks traditional until you view it face-on and study its construction, some radical changes become apparent. The Prime has an ultra-thin, forged titanium cup face that is a touch higher in the toe and gets lower in the heel area.

The cup face design extends further back into the clubhead moving the pivot points nearer to the edges of the clubface, resulting in a larger sweet spot to aid in maximizing ball speed. According to XXIO, the sweet spot is 103 percent larger than the previous Prime driver’s optimal hitting area, making the 2019 model more forgiving.

With the 36-gram Prime SP-1000 graphite shaft the combination is designed to help golfers get the clubface closed easily on the downswing for a much straighter ball flight.

Available in 10.5 and 11.5-degree lofts in standard 46.5” length, the XXIO Prime driver weighs only 250 grams, around 40-60 grams less than most drivers. That makes it easier for slower-swingers to generate clubhead speed and more distance.

On the Range:

From the first swing the feather light Prime Driver feels like nothing I’ve hit before. The range rocks don’t stand a chance. The Prime is so very forgiving on every ball hit.


On the Golf Course:

The XXIO Prime Driver added noticeable distance to every drive made.  The club is very forgiving on miss hits, even using a tour ball.


The Bottom Line:

The XXIO Prime Driver is expensive, but it produces exceptional results from a high handicap golfer with a bad shoulder. I feel the XXIO Prime driver can benefit most weekend as well as older players looking to regained so lost distance. If you are looking to turn heads this the driver for you with its Ultra-Style and high-tech design.



More in XXIO PRIME Line:

XXIO PRIME fairway

The all-new XXIO Prime Fairway Woods produce a straight ball flight and enhanced distance due to their lightweight construction and feel.

Price: $579.99 ea.


XXIO Prime Hybrids:

Crafted exclusively for moderate swing speed players, new XXIO Prime Hybrids provide additional forgiveness and unmatched speed off the club face.

Price: $379.99 ea.



XXIO Prime Irons feature a titanium face with new Speed Groove to provide higher ball speeds and a higher launch for moderate swing speed golfers.

Price: $259.99 – $1,039.99