Review: The Yeti Golf Albino Driver @YetiGolf

An Independent Golf Company

Yeti Golf was started by John Kelly, a long drive competitor and businessman who wanted to offer a “reasonably priced, high quality clubhead.” With their initial offering, the Original Yeti Driver head, Yeti was off and running. The 460cc Albino driver head was designed and introduced.


The First Look

The Yeti Golf Albino Driver has a white finish on the crown and the sole has the unmistakable logo along with white, orange, and black markings.

The Driving Range

The Albino Driver (10 deg) from a tee produced good distance while keeping shots straight.

The Yeti Golf Albino Driver

On the Golf Course

The Albino Driver (10 deg) from the tee box performed well with the straight ball flight. At address, looking down on the club’s white crown and the quality components gives a sense confidence with each drive.

The Yeti Golf Albino Driver 5

The Bottom Line

Supporting small companies is one thing we pride ourselves on here at and it is always nice to find an independent guy like John Kelly who goes for it and produces a winning product. Yeti Golf also gets our “Best Logo” award for that way cool orange and green moniker. Before you go drop $499 on a driver contact Yeti Golf and let them know what you are looking for and they just may save you some green getting to the green.

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