ShoeTipsTM selects The Media Group to manage
its Public Relations efforts
(LOS ANGELES, CA) – ShoeTips announced today that they have selected The Media Group, a communications firm based out of Chicago, Illinois, to manage its Public Relations efforts.

ShoeTips helps golfers calm their minds and concentrate on the one or two thoughts they want to remember as they prepare to swing-boosting their confidence and enjoyment, and lowering their scores. ShoeTips is the perfect gift for golfers of all ages and abilities.
Flexible and Easy to Use
Using ShoeTips is easy. Before you play, select two swing thoughts you want to remember from the 18 provided. Insert the labels securely into the two base clips and slide the clips easily, and snugly, over your shoelaces. The reminders will be in full view on your shoes as you address the ball. To use them on your golf bag instead, simply insert the base clips through the slots on our enclosed BagTag. Now each time you select a club you can remember what you had wanted to concentrate on and clear your mind of the thoughts that interfere with making a good shot.
ShoeTips’ 18 familiar swing thoughts were chosen based on input from golf pros and sports psychologists. The labels are easy to change and organized into 3 categories-focus, relating to your mind, feel, to your body, and technique, to your swing mechanics. Can’t find the tip you want? Write your own custom tips on the reverse side of the labels with an indelible marker.
Mental Focus Promotes Peak Performance
Golf’s greatest players, instructors and coaches, sports psychologists, writers, and scientific research on performance and the mental game all agree: Regardless of a person’s skill level, if you can focus completely on, and become fully absorbed in the task at hand, with nothing left over for worry or doubt, you’ll achieve a state of peak performance.
The USGA certifies that using ShoeTips on the enclosed BagTag is “Permitted Under the Rules of Golf” (Decision #2016-0633; 11/9/16). Players posting scores for handicap purposes should always use ShoeTips on the BagTag, instead of on their shoes.
About ShoeTips
ShoeTips is a product development company dedicated to helping people achieve peak performance by creating mental focus reminder systems. ShoeTips Golf is the first product designed to help golfers master their mental game while they play. ShoeTips was founded in 2016, in Los Angeles, California, by three partners-Steve Lewis, our “hopelessly addicted golfer”, who serves as our CEO & CFO, Arthur Snyder, Creative Director and Product Designer, and Ellen Rudolph, Marketing Director.