Shot Scope Technologies Introduces Shot Scope V2 @ShotScope

The fine folks at Shot Scope Technologies have sent us their more advanced golf performance tracking system. In the coming weeks we will be testing Shot Scope V2 and posting a review. The demand for the new version has been very high, with a presale of the product selling out (see press release below).  

The Shot Scope system is designed to track a golfer’s performance autonomously in multiple rounds, on any golf course, and with every club in the bag. The GPS wrist band gives the player the most accurate distances available at this time. Look for our review coming soon, or visit today, and tell them TheGolfBallGuy sent you.




Press Release: Shot Scope Technologies



EDINBURGH, UNITED KINGDOM, January 16, 2018 – Shot Scope Technologies officially closed the pre-sale of the Shot Scope V2 after selling out the product over the Holiday Season. The company also announced that V2 has received confirmation that the device conforms to the Rules of Golf.

The pre-sale of V2 ran from August to November 2017 and gave golfers the opportunity to purchase the product at a reduced introductory price. Golfers from 32 countries took advantage of this limited-time offer and have since amassed over 8,000 rounds of golf, despite being off-season in most countries.

Shot Scope V2 will be on general sale starting January 19, 2018. Additional information can be found at

The two-part ruling into the “Conforming Status” of V2 looks at each of the device’s three modes individually. Pro mode, which gathers data in the background without showing real-time information, has been ruled as conforming to the Rules of Golf. Performance data is not available until post-round and therefore V2 can be used in this setting to collect data without being contrary to Rule 14-3. GPS and GPS+Track modes are permissible where the local rule has been adopted allowing the use of distance measuring devices.

Updates to the system will further enhance the user experience with a relaunch of the current Performance Dashboard in a release scheduled for April 1, 2018. Optimized for interactive data-driven learning, the new Performance Dashboard focuses on clubs, tee Shots, approaches, short game and putting to provide over 100 Tour-level statistics to facilitate long-term improvement.

In addition, the capabilities of the watch itself, which currently offers distances to the front/middle/back of the green, will be improved with the addition of distances to hazards in March.

Shot Scope will showcase V2 and its latest product updates at the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show. Exhibiting alongside premier Scottish golf companies at booth # 3373, Shot Scope represents the Future of Golf straight from the Home of Golf.

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