Spiked vs. Spikeless Golf Shoes

A Comparison: Spiked and Spikeless Golf Shoes, Finding Which Type Fit For Your Golf Game


Spring has sprung, the azaleas are in bloom, and it is time to replace those worn out golf shoes, and you are not sure, which is the best choice for you: spiked or spikeless. Worry no more TheGolfBallGuy is here to help.

The Major Differences

Spiked golf shoes have replaceable cleats on the sole made of soft plastic. The sole of spikeless golf shoes have flat rubber soles some with rubber studs and others have ‘sneaker like’ soles with tread designed to grip the turf.

Spikes Provide Better Traction

Spikes provide more stability, typically, over the spikeless styles. Whether it is drastic elevation changes or in wet conditions, the cleated shoe will be must helpful traversing even the most treacherous terrain you may encounter on the golf course.

Quality golf shoe uppers will outlast the replaceable cleats, in most every case. Spikes golf shoes allow the player to easily refresh the shoes performance when they get worn. This will also offset the, sometimes, higher cost of the spiked shoes.

In the past, spikeless golf shoes were considered more comfortable but many of today’s spiked golf shoes are engineered for comfort as much as they are for performance.

When playing serious round of competitive golf, I believe, spikes are a most when you are swing for the fences.

Spikeless Golf Shoes

Spikeless designs are becoming more advanced and widely accepted as a valid option to the recreational golfer, with the biggest advantage being convenience. Many of today’s spikeless golf shoes can go straight from the 18th green to the 19th hole, even serving as casual footwear you can wear anywhere. Over the past year, I have found the spikeless golf shoe to be great for a relaxing round walking the course and when practicing my short game.

For Beginners

With every golf shoe company offering both styles that will suit new players, spiked shoes should be the first option to consider. A stable foundation is the number one aspect to any golf swing and spiked golf shoes provide just that. With a reliable foundation, the player can focus on improving their swing and developing their game, while avoiding slipping feet during the swing that will lead to poor swing habits.

The Bottom Line

After 30 years of playing golf, I’ve seen a few people forego the expense of golf spikes and end up with their ‘end up’ on a rain soaked tee box, leaving me to believe that traction is the basis for any good golf shot. I feel that spikeless shoes have their place in golf but they should be your second pair of golf shoes.

Personal preference will ultimately dictate which type the golfer finds best for their game.


When it comes time to replace your spikes consider Softspikes, after all they are the “first and foremost name in golf cleat technology…”

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About PrideSports

Headquartered in Brentwood, TN with offices across America, Europe and Asia, PrideSports provides traction elements and retention systems to athletic footwear manufacturers around the globe as well providing its CHAMP® and Softspikes® branded products to retail channels worldwide – maintaining a preeminent position within golf, soccer, baseball, football and other sports. In addition, the Company provides a full line of golf accessories and is the largest producer and distributor of golf tees in the world, with brands including Pride Golf Tee®, Pride Professional Tee System® (PTS) and Zarma Fly Tee.®

About Softspikes

Softspikes®, the first and foremost name in golf cleat technology and innovation, were invented in 1993 when a winter metal spike “ban” campaign was endorsed by several U.S. State Golf Associations. Wanting to offer golfers an alternative to tennis shoes, Softspikes® co-founder Faris McMullin experimented with various “plug” designs to replace metal spikes. The eventual design, a plastic, fan-like spiral design, became the industry’s first and only patented non-metal cleat. Little did he know at the time that this design would revolutionize the golf industry and change the game forever.


Softspikes® have gone on to become one of the most popular golf “inventions” of the 20th century. Offering better traction, more comfort and improved playing surfaces, there is no question as to why Softspikes® are the number 1 choice of golfers worldwide.

Softspikes, LLC is a division of PrideSports which was formed in January 2003 following Pride Manufacturing Company’s acquisition of SoftSpikes® and its sister company, TriSport Ltd. of England. This merger formed the world’s premier golf accessory company as Pride and Softspikes® are the world’s leading golf tee and golf cleat lines, respectively. For a list of our other patents, click here.