Take a Big Slice Out of Your Game

Help with Your Game from a High Handicapper!

So many high handicappers tend to slice the golf off the tee and on long shots from the fairway. A slice of the golf ball is when the ball flight turns to the players dominate hand. This is caused by the side spin of the golf ball, generated by the clubs open face at impact. I have found the best way to “fix” a slice is to get help from a professional golf instructor they are able to fix in one lesson for most players. However, if you want the quick and easy fix try these.

The Quick Fix

Players with a moderate slice can simply aim to the left (aim right for left-handedkiKRjedij players) of the target line and swing away. Now you a power fade in place of that nasty slice, very cool. Another option is to address the ball with your normal set-up then slide the right foot (lift for left-handed players) about 6 inches and swing away.

The bigger the slice the more help you are going to need. Many drivers have hosel adjustments to open or close the club face, These can be helpful for a tree knocking slicer, but you have to get a new driver just get a new ball.

Check out the game improvement golf balls listed below to find the right golf ball for your game.

Moderate Slice

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Tree Knocking Slice

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