Take a Look at The Monsta Golf Ball

Monsta Golf, pronounced “Monstahhh!”

“Must be a Boston thing?”

The Monsta golf ball is a three piece ball designed for short game performance and affordability.  A progressive ND high-energy core maximizes the C.O.R. and improves ball flight consistency.  The mantle layer features a blended ionomer designed to promote a high initial velocity while continuing to keep the spin lower off of the tee. Monsta’s soft sticky cast urethane cover is designed to stop the ball on the green.

“$40+ for a Dozen golf balls is Nuts!!”

Back in 2013, the two founders of Monsta Golf, Dave and Ken, had the idea to produce a ““premium performance golf ball without the premium price.” Their direct- to- consumer sells keep the price down; thereby giving you the opportunity to play a top performing golf ball without the top price.

“Join the Revolution”

From the Tee:

Looking down at the Monsta ball on the tee, I can’t help but smile as I see its’ logo staring back. The Monsta golf ball from my 12deg driver produced a nice trajectory with a little better than average distance. Monsta Golf describes their ball as, “designed for mid to low handicap players” and in my experience, the ball flight is indeed affected by a slightly open or closed clubface.  Therefore, I would not recommend this ball to golfers who have trouble hitting straight golf shots.

The Monsta Golf Ball

From the Fairway:

The Monsta golf ball off of the short grass with a fairway wood is a nice place to be. When using the fairway woods and long hybrids the ball has a soft feel when hit and the balls trajectory is just perfect. Distance with the green eyed Monsta is very good, even without 110 mph swing speed.

The Approach Shot:

The Monsta ball was designed to “bite the green” and even with the mid-irons, it will. High shots land softly on the putting surface and hold fast.  With the Monsta, I have to club down on my approach shots because of the increase in distance this ball produces over the ball I regularly play.

The Wedges:

Short game is the big winner with these sticky little sphears “outta Boston.”  The super soft cast urethane cover of the Monsta golf ball grabs the clubface grooves and spins like a one eyed Tasmanian devil.

I was able to get back spin using a $25 sand wedge (I chose a cheap wedge to prove my point) from 60 yards out. This  just “don’t happen,” with any golf ball on the market.

The Putter:

Putting the Monsta golf ball is nice and smooth with a soft feel and true roll. The alignment marks are an added bonus, as they aid in lining up your putt.

The Bottom Line:

You don’t have to be a scratch Golfer to benefit from the Monsta Golf ball.

The Monsta golf ball played as well or better than any of the major golf ball manufactures’ tour balls.  In my test, using the Monsta golf ball significantly increased my yardage over the premium golf ball I regularly play. Surprisingly, I got a nice trajectory with straight ball flight on fairway woods and long hybrids.  Approach shots felt smooth with the super soft cast urethane cover. Overall, the ball’s performance around the green is phenomenal, without question one of the best I have tested.

Lastly, I feel compelled to mention the people behind Monsta Golf. When my first The Monsta Golf Ball (3)purchase arrived, there was a hand written note on the invoice thanking me for my business. You will never get that with a box of ProV1s. These guys are all over social media and are happy to interact with their customers. Do a search on Instagram for #Monstasighting and see why so many people are enjoying Monsta Golf.


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