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After years of playing the NXT from Titleist my game started to go sideways and by sideways I mean the big fat slice that had been exercised out of my golf game was back. With my pushing the fifty mark, I don’t have an extra ten years to improve. The hunt was on to find a golf ball that would help me keep it out of the forest but that doesn’t feel like a range ball from 1975.

As a golf fan many of my favorite players are on the Bridgestone Tour Team so the first place I turn to was the Bridgestone Golf website’s ball fitting app. After following the simple step-by-step instructions, the e6 was recommended and I gave it a try.

e6-sleeveToday the multi-layer golf balls are king and Bridgestone has taken the concept a little further with their “Soft gradational core,” “Anti-side spin inner layer”, and ” Softer Surlyn cover for improved feel.”

From the Tee

Looking at the e6 on a tee, with logo pointing along the target line give a little confidence as well as a visual aid at address. The e6 ball off the driver produced a nice trajectory. Feel was a bit harsher than the NXT but the ball flight kept me in the short grass, which more than made up for any feel issue.


From the Fairway

A long second shot from the fairway is often a chance to shine or slice it into the creek. When I hit the e6 with favorite stick, my beloved #5 fairway, the feel was soft and smooth with a ball flight that I would have picked any time.

The Approach Shot

I played my first approach shot, using the e6 ball, with my 7 iron and put it over the green but it went straight over. Hitting the e6 with an iron was like spankin’ a pat of butter, soft as could be.

The Wedges

The e6 feels as soft when hit with a 60 degree lob as it does with cavity back pitching wedge, landing soft with more back spin then any game improvement golf ball should be able to produce.


The Putter

Putting with the e6 and it’s soft cover and core is as smooth as any Surlyn covered golf ball I have ever used. The e6 logo, while as nice visual when driving, is pretty obtrusive but the alignment line on the side helps a great deal.

The Bottom Line

The e6 keeps the ball straight for a reasonable price.

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Bridgestone E6 Golf Ball Review

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