The Forward Golf Putter Grip is More than an Oversized Grip @ForwardGolf

Oversized putter grips are biggest wave hitting the golf world and Forward Golf has taken the concept to the next level with their “Deep Rounded V Shape” putter grip design.

I installed The Forward grip on my old trusty standby putter to see just forward-golf-PUTTER-grips-1what advantages the oversized putter grip have to offer the average player. The most obvious thing I noticed about the Forward grip is that it isn’t just a big fat cylinder but formed to fit the hands and contoured to keep the hands and arms in line with the putter shaft.

The Install

After removing the grip from my old flat stick, I installed the new Forward putter grip as directed by the supplied information. Forward Golf suggests that you have a professional install the grip. The grip is a very tight fit on the putter shaft, so having been an armature club maker for 20 years, I also suggest using a golf club repair shop do the installation.

About the Forward Grip

The Forward Golf Putter grip has a chevron textured surface made of extremelyforward-golf-PUTTER-grips-2 tacky material that holds snugly to the hands. The “Deep Rounded V” feature of the grip fits well in the fingers as the club is gripped while increasing surface area contact.  The V shape works in conjunction with Forward Golf’s “Grip Forward Technology” and the taper making it almost impossible to break the wrist during the putting strike. On the practice green I had to force my wrist to break.

As with any equipment change there is always some learning curve and with the Forward grip I experienced a change my feel for distance, the advantages gained with the Forward  putter grip will be well worth the temporary inconvenience.

The Price

The Forward Golf grip has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $24.95, which is not out of line to most oversized putter grips. It is also a great deal less than buying a new putter.

The Bottom Line

I believe the average golfer can benefit from the Forward Golf advanced putter grip.

What Forward Golf Says

Grip Forward Technology

Revolutionizes the design of putter grips, placing more grip material above the shaft.  The unique shape places the hands in the ideal position, uniting the arms, hands and putter and creating a more balanced and consistent stroke.


Deep Rounded V Shape

Fits in the hands perfectly for reduced grip pressure and improved comfort resulting in better distance control.


Maximum Taper

Tapered grip design keeps trailing hand in line with putter shaft, helping make the arms and putter a single unit.


Quality and Durability

Crafted to the highest quality standards, Forward Grips offer amazing durability.


Superior Grip Texture

The unique pattern employs a raised chevron texture for unmatched traction and control. Experience amazing feel on all putts both long and short.


Advanced Shape

The unique shape places the hands in the ideal position, uniting the arms, hands and putter and creating a more balanced and consistent stroke.





Forward Golf advanced putter grip review. #GolfGrips