The Golf Ball and the High Handicapper

In one round of golf, you will use the driver fourteen times at the most and the putter only on the greens but the ball will be used on each and every shot. A mistake that many high handicappers make is putting the ball seconded to the clubs in the order of importance. Some players take the “I’m going to lose it any way” attitude and opt to buy the cheapest ball on the shelf.

If you send weeks researching and comparing golf clubs before buying the perfect set, then to steal on a golf ball that is not right for yourpc5dBRqc9game than you are setting yourself up for disappointment on the course. The right golf ball will make your game as fast as the wrong ball  will break your game so spend some time looking for your ball not the ball everyone uses.

Of all the golf equipment in the bag the golf is the most affordable experiment with so take some time finding the ball for you. All of the major golf ball manufactures have many different balls that each have their own playing characteristics. They also have golf ball fitting applications on their websites to help golfers find the ball that is best for them.

The Distance Golf Ball

A distance golf ball is design for, you guessed it, distance off of the driver. Distance balls are perfect for players who hit the ball straight but want to add more yards without consideration for feel or workability. Players who tend to slice the ball would only increase the severity of a bad shot with a distance ball.


Golf balls designed for maximum spin usually perform better for players who can work the ball. However, for the high handicapper more spin can be a game killer.

Soft Feel

The soft feel golf ball has emerged as the high handicapper’s friend. They are typically designed for slower swing speeds and have a reduced spin rate off of the tee and long clubs. The soft covers do improve the feel and response on the more lofted clubs around the green unlike their much harder “distance” cousins.

The Premium Tour Ball

These little multi-layered spheres have it all, spin, soft covers, distance, and workability, if your game is up to it. These are the golf balls played by your favorite professional golfers and come with premium price tag.

The Price Tag

Price is a factor for most hackers but it should not be the only factor used in finding the right ball for your game. If you pay $12 for a box of golf balls and lose them all in one round you are killing your game. A ball that cost $28 a box that you keep in the fairway will last a lot longer than the $12 rocks. Using a more expensive golf balls will keep your head in the game, you will think twice about going for the green over that creek, when take less chances you will play better golf.

Take your time and find the ball that fits your game and you will have more fun.

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