The Joys Non-conforming Golf Equipment

Most articles written about golf equipment that does not conform to USGA rules are called illegal giving the impression that anyone who uses it is criminal. Jail BirdieHowever, the weekend hacker who plays a ball that will stay in play to help him to enjoy playing golf is not an evil person to be damned by the golf gods, or the USGA.

Game Improvement

Most weekend golfers do not have a USGA handicap and never play events that mandate use of their rules. Range Rock FITNon-conforming, game improvement, equipment should be embraced by golf courses as it will aid in pace of play as well as help retain golfers who only want to enjoy a round of golf. The major golf equipment manufactures should add non USGA lines and the sky would be the limit. The stigma attached to non-conforming equipment will remain as long as it’s called “Illegal” and we only find it advertised in the back of golf magazines. The Polara golf ball is the perfect example of “Illegal” turned game improvement.

Have Fun Sir Hacks- a-Lot

Drivers that add 15 yards, a ball that will not slice to 90 degrees or a lob wedge with extra wide grooves can help the average golfer a great deal more than a box of the top tour ball ever will.* So get you some golf stuff that will make your next round of golf more fun. Because more fun why we play the game anyway. Right?



*Disclaimer: I do not advocate using non-conforming equipment to establish or maintain a USGA handicap. I do not advocate using non-conforming equipment in an event that requires conforming equipment. I do not advocate using non-conforming equipment to take money from your buddies. I do advocate having fun playing golf.