The Putter Buddy Golf Club Stand

Note: The owner of Putter Buddy has informed me that the Putter Buddy is NOT in production at this time. I will let you know when they are back.

Who’s Your Buddy?

We all like playing golf with our buddies it makes the game more fun and fulfilling. Here is one golf buddy that will help make golf more fun and it will never laugh when you shank a chip shot across the green.

To Start With

Putter Buddy 2

If you are always looking for a product that you didn’t know you needed here it is “Putter Buddy”. Nothing can make your first putt of the day your worst putt of the day quicker than a wet sand covered putter grip. The easy to use Putter Buddy will end the days of the wet grip.

What is it?

Putter Buddy is simple to use device to lean your golf clubs on keeping them off of the ground. To use the Putter Buddy you just push the end into the ground next to the green and lean you club against the protective plastic tubing that simple. The putter grip stays off of the ground as you make your chip shot. The attached micro fiber towel can be used to clean you ball and clubface.

The Colorful Putter Buddy

Putter Buddy 1


The Putter Buddy is easily hanged over the side of the golf bag allowing easy access when you need it. With the Putter Buddy hooked on the golf bag the towel can be use throughout the round. Putter Buddy is available in many colors so you can find the perfect color to match your style.

The Putter Buddy in the Bag


 Cheaper than a new Pitching Wedge

Putter Buddy is like buying lost golf club insurance. If you’ve ever left a $135 wedge at on the backside of a green then you need a Putter Buddy. You will never walk off the green without seeing your wedge and Putter Buddy standing green side.

Wedges and the Putter Buddy

With Wedges

It’s also a Putting Trainer

Putter Buddy can also be easily used to help you train your putting stroke, making it twice the device at half the price.

As a Gift or Tournament Prize

It may sound cliché but I can say as a golfer who is particular about golf gifts, the Putter Buddy will make the perfect gift for golfers of any age or skill level. They also make unique and affordable door prizes for your next golf tournament.

The Buddy You Can Lean On

With Putter

To Sum It Up

The Putter Buddy is awesome and easy to use at a great price. I’ll continue to carry the Putter Buddy in my bag to use on the course and at practice. The negative I can find about the Putter Buddy is that I didn’t come up with the idea myself.


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