The SafeTees Pouch

The Introduction

In the golf equipment industry, there’s no shortage of ideas to improve the golfing experience for us players.

Enter George Moore. In the fall of 2015, George invented a pocket golf tee holder that simplifies tee selection while, at the same time, protecting us from the business ends of our tees. He calls his invention the SafeTees Pouch.

The Story

George Moore, inventor and president of SafeTees Pouch, Inc.

The idea for the pouch struck George as he was getting ready to tee off on the 14th hole at a course near Franklin, WV.  He was playing well and was eager to tee off, so he quickly reached into a pocket for his ball and a tee. That’s when it happened. His right ring finger found the sharp point of a tee. As he pulled out his hand, with the tee still imbedded in his bleeding finger, he thought, “There must be something …”

That evening, he combed the Internet for something that’s convenient to use while also protecting fingers, as well as legs and pants pockets. There was nothing.

So he did some rough drawings of what he thought would work, and the pocket golf tee pouch was born.

His next challenge: Making a pouch.

The drawing resembled the old-fashioned, yet effective, pocket protector that holds pens and pencils in a shirt pocket, so he searched the Internet for manufacturers of pocket protectors. That led him to a company in Illinois, and the next day, he contacted the company president and told him about his pouch. The two joined forces and over the next six months developed seven progressively sophisticated pouches leading to the finished product.

George formed SafeTees Pouch, Inc., and the first SafeTees pouches rolled off the production line in October 2016. He acquired a patent, developed a business plan and marketing materials, and, in January 2018, introduced the SafeTees Pouch to the golfing world at the PGA Merchandising Show in Orlando.


The SafeTees Pouch


The SafeTees Pouch

The pouch, 3”x3½”, is made of a special high-tech vinyl and accepts five tees up to 3¼” long.

It’s so sleek that golfers don’t even know it’s in the pocket. As they approach a tee box, they pull out the pouch, select the tee that best matches conditions, return the pouch to the pocket and swing away. They then reverse the procedure as they exit the tee box. It’s a seamless transition and an easily acquired habit.

George notes that custom color imprinting (corporate names, logos, etc.) is also available, so it’s ideal for golf tournament sponsors who are looking for low-cost multiple exposures of their brand.  




A Gift

The SafeTees Pouch also is the perfect gift. Golfers have balls, tees, towels, etc., but they may not have a pocket golf tee protector. The price makes it an affordable holiday or birthday gift for golfing buddies. And shipping is free.

TheGolfBallGuy and the SafeTees Pouch

At, we are constantly on the lookout for products and services that we believe will help golfers improve on and off the course, and the SafeTees Pouch is one such product.

We are happy to welcome George Moore and his awesome SafeTees Pouch as the latest sponsor of