Review: The Snell Golf Get Sum Golf Ball

Golf has long been known for its startup equipment companies and modern day golf is no exception. One such company is the Snell Golf witch offers two golf ball models, “My Tour Ball,” the company’s 3 piece tour ball, and the two piece “Get Sum,” design for the average golfer.

Dean Snell has designed the Snell golf balls a former design engineer for Titleist® and TaylorMade™.

Snell sells direct to the consumer making it possible to offer them at very good prices. The My Tour Ball, being compared to the ProV-1, sells for $31.99, while the Get Sum is priced at $20.99 per box.

From Snell Golf

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring tour caliber equipment to the amateur golfer at an affordable price. Our experience in R&D along with our strategic manufacturing partnership and direct to consumer distribution model allows us to do just that.

Meet Dean Snell

Dean graduated from UMASS Lowell with a BS in Plastics Engineering and a Minor in Chemistry and Math.

After school, Dean worked for BF Goodrich Aerospace and Defense Division designing composite parts for F16, F18, Blackhawk Helicopters for 3 years.

Dean then took his skills to the golf world and worked for Titleist® and FootJoy® Worldwide for 7 years. He designed or co designed several balls for Titleist including:

  • Pro V1, Professional
  • Tour Prestige
  • HP2 Tour
  • HP2 Distance

Dean Worked closely with Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Davis Love to bring cast urethane technology into the golf market with Titleist Professional ball as an inventor of ProV1™ and Professional™ golf balls used by several tour players. Read More.

From TheGolfBallGuy

The Tee Box

The Snell “Get Sum” golf ball, with its soft feeling cover, from the driver produces a high trajectory allowing the average golfer to get more carry. Ball fight with the two piece golf ball is straight helping keep the ball in play for less than perfectly struck golf shots.Snell Get Sum Golf Ball 3

The Fairway

Once again, the trajectory of the Get Sum off of the hybrids and long irons helps increase distance. The straight ball flight is also noticeably beneficial when playing from the fairway.

The Approach Shot

The high ball flight using the mid and short irons allows the ball to land softly, helping hold the green.Snell Get Sum Golf Ball 2

The Wedges

Playing the Snell Get Sum golf balls are played green side with a wedge, the high ball flight and soft cover help, a great deal with stopping ball on the putting surface. Reduced back spin, a tradeoff for straighter ball flight, is the Get Sum’s weak point, but for the average golfer well worth the cost.

The Putter

The Get Sum’s soft cover allows for good feel and gives it true roll on the green, as you would expect from a premium golf ball.

The Bottom Line

The Snell Golf Get Sum, in my opinion, can be compared to any of the premium golf balls offered by the “Big Few,” with price being Snell’s ace in the hole.

The Get Sum golf ball is the perfect golf ball for the average golfer and I recommend that you give it a try for yourself.


Snell Get Sum Golf Ball 4

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Photos from Snell Golf