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NoteCaddie Notes: The Fearsome Feature Foursome behind NoteCaddie Mobile Golf

4 Main features build the backbone of the NoteCaddie experience, and allow a user to make solid decisions throughout their round, improving their scores without having to alter their swings. the First feature may actually…
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What’s New in NoteCaddie – Recent and Future Updates

Notecaddie 1.02 is live in the App Store! Download it here. We added a bunch of space to the Hole GPS view, and have made it so you can zoom in and out on a hole’s map, making it easier to hone in on exact distances.

Coming soon – 1.03 will allow you to select whether you want to see your distances in meters or yards, and display all distances in the correct format (for our international users!)

have ideas for a cool feature or improvement you’d like to see in the app? Let us know here

check out our list of available courses here, and then follow the link to submit your course if you don’t see it on the list. 

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What is NoteCaddie Mobile Golf?

NoteCaddie Mobile Golf is a mobile application that makes taking notes on the golf course easy, intuitive, and efficient. 

Know every line off the tee, where to avoid, when to club up. Track every break and undulation of every green, and learn when to get aggressive, and how to better manage the courses you play, for better scores.

Play every course like it’s your home course with NoteCaddie Mobile Golf! now in the iOS App Store

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