Tommy Bolt Signature Golf Ball

The Rare Tommy Bolt Tempest Golf Balls, circa 1962




Nicknames abound for Tommy Bolt-Terrible, Tempestuous, and Thunder. He has affectionately been called all of them. The winner of the 1958 U.S. Open, Bolt recorded 15 victories on the PGA TOUR, twice was selected for the Ryder Cup and helped spawn the Champions Tour.

Professional Majors: 2

U.S. Open: 1958

PGA Seniors’ Championship: 1969

PGA Tour Wins: 14

1951: North and South

1952: Los Angeles Open

1953: San Diego Open, Tucson Open

1954: Miami Beach International Four-Ball, Insurance City Open, Rubber City Open

1955: Convair-San Diego Open, Tucson Open, St. Paul Open

1957: Eastern Open Invitational

1958: Colonial National Invitational

1960: Memphis Open Invitational

1961: Pensacola Open Invitational

Senior Wins: 2

1980: Liberty Mutual Legends of Golf

1995: Liberty Mutual Legends of Golf – Demaret Davison

“I launched far more (clubs) because they expected me to than I did because I was mad at anything that had gone wrong with my golf. After a while, it became showmanship, plain and simple.”

-Tommy Bolt


“Why does my wife keeps telling to stop posting photos of my old balls online?”