TRUE Linkswear Outsider Golf Shoe Review #EnjoyTheWalk


TRUE Linkswear since 2009 has been helping golfers #EnjoyTheWalk. The company’s designs are inspired by the founders own adventures, constructed to handle any activity or terrain the user my encounter. TRUE has designed comfortable golf shoes for (and by) the walking golfer and these innovative golf shoes have changed ‘where your golf shoes can take you.’


The TRUE Outsider golf shoe (in white) is built like a walking shoe with a spikeless sole. The clean solid white of the waterproof leather upper combined with the contrasting color TRUE’s “sock fit liner” make classic but comfortable golf shoe.  The TRUE Outsider is available in three “colorways,” white, black, and grey/navy for you flashy types.


Inspecting the TRUE Outsider just out of the box, the “sockfit liner” catches the eye, it’s almost like an inter upper that lines the shoe, I couldn’t help run my hand around the inside of the Outsider.

TRUE golf shoes feature their “Natural Width Toe Box”, an extra toe area, designed to help the golfer move naturally increasing traction and power comfortably. “Your toes will thank you for the room to move.”

The Outsider was built to walk the golf course in comfort and do it very well right out the box. I took these shoes to driving range hit bucket of balls, drove home in them, and forgot I was wearing golf shoes.

The TRUE Outsiders are as comfortable after 18 holes of golf as they are moment you put them on.

“Cross Life Tread for Maximum Versatility – Our on and off course traction is also designed to allow you to go straight from the course to your daily life or vice versa. In testing our shoes they have been worn to dinner, happy hour drinks at our favorite bars, cross fit gyms, backpacking trips, and a hike through the Narrows in Zion.”


-TRUE Linkswear




The Outsiders with their spikeless sole certainly do not grip the ground during the golf swing like spiked shoe do but traction was not really an issue. The flexible sole is thicker and feel is hinder a little, with comfort level making trade-off a good one.

I haven’t had the opportunity to test the waterproofing on the Outsider with TRUE’s “Crazy Waterproof” and a two-year guarantee I feel confident that the next time I get caught in a Southeast Texas rain storm my feet will be dry.

The Bottom Line

The TRUE Linkswear Outsider is a very comfortable golf shoe that is built to walk in. The Outsider is premium golf shoes and is priced in line with the category. I believe the TRUE Linkswear Outsider is the perfect walking golf shoe for golfers of any age or skill range.

The “ultimate walking golf shoe” from the folks that brought us #EnjoyTheWalk, makes sense to me.

“We strive to produce the highest quality products possible. To this end we have focused on developing relationships with manufacturers and suppliers who operate with a standard of excellence that goes above and beyond what has traditionally been accepted.”


– Justin Turner, Partner/Director



For more information visit TRUE Linkswear here.