VICE Golf Ball Review


VICE Golf offers a different golf balls for every skill level of player at low direct to consumer prices. VICE Golf’s website has a ball selection guide to help fix the right to the customer. The “ball recommender” asks six questions about the player and gives the recommendation, with the entire process taking round 30 seconds.

Vice offers a “Selected Pack” which has a sample of their different models, making it easy and less expensive to find the right ball for you. Our recommendation was the VICE Pro and that is the ball we are reviewing in this post.

The VICE Pro has a 3 piece cast urethane cover with a 318 large dimple design for stable trajectory. The core has “High Energy Speed Core” for increased ball speed.

Optimized for tremendous distance. Excellent green-grabbing control thanks to our S2TG technology: great feel & spin rates and highly decelerating Urethane cover.

From the Tee

From the driver the Vice Pro performed on par with the top golf ball brands on the market today. Its ball flight had an optimal trajectory with very little side spin.

From the Fairway

A long second shot from the fairway woods and hybrids the feel was smooth with a trajectory and straight ball flight when hit square.  The Pro is pretty workable from long irons.

The Approach Shot

The three piece cast urethane permits good control and firm feel with mid-iron approach shots. A high ball flight keeps the ball on the green. Again the VICE Pro preformed as good as most other golf balls in the category.

The Wedges

The VICE Pro produced exceptional back spin from the wedges stopping nicely on the green.

The Bottom Line

The VICE Pro, I believe, is a viable alternative to the more expensive golf balls in the premium category. They make it ‘cheap and easy’ find the VICE golf ball to fit tour game. I can say if you will switch or not but I can say you will not be disappointed with the brand.

The VICE Golf Line

VICE Pro Plus – 4-piece with cast urethane cover, for extra distance, lower launch and lower spin for longer drives. For advanced players: medium to high clubhead speed.

VICE Tour – 3 piece DuPont™ Surlyn© cover, for all levels

VICE Drive – 2 piece DuPont™ Surlyn© cover for more length with lower clubhead speed.