Xeve Perez, Golfer @GoFundMe

I received the email below from Directed Force Putters about 7 year old Xeve Perez, Golfer. Xeve’s story is an inspiring one. 

You are receiving this email because you are on the Directed Force Putter email list. We thought this opportunity to support a young golfer may be of interest to you.

Have you ever heard of the 7 year old golfer Xeve Perez? Below is a video about Xeve and his amazing story so far. From overcoming complications at birth, to his drive to succeed as a golfer, Xeve has captured the DFP heart and the hearts of thousands around the country through his skill, personality and charm.

Xeve’s accomplishments include:

  • Xeve is among the top 20 junior golfers in the world in his age bracket.
  • Xeve has won over 100 local and state level tournaments,
  • Xeve won the 2016 US Kids Golf, Georgia and the Carolina State Championships in his age group

And Xeve rolls the DFP with pride !

Xeve has been invited back to play the 2017 Georgia and Carolinas State invitational, US Kids Golf Regional, the World Stars of Junior Golf in Nevada and the US Kids Golf Junior World Championship in Pinehurst, NC

Directed Force Putters would like to help him get there and that is why you received this email..

Xeve’s team has created a Go Fund Me campaign here:

Xeve has created a Go Fund Me campaign here: http://bit.ly/DirectedForceSupportsXevePerez

Xeve Perez
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